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Things I made and did this month

Hey did you know NTTE is on sale for $3?

The whole joke around the sale was that we were the "ONLY" videogame sale going on and you should totally not check anywhere else-.. but now that the Steam Summer Sale is over I guess that's almost true lol.
Nah it's cool though, ya don't have to buy it.  OH-- SPEAKING OF WHICH I guess I haven't wrote a blog post for ages. Man I've got gaps to fill in here:


If you're not subscribed to my Youtube channel then hey maybe you should, cos it's PRETTY NUTS!

I was on a podcast!

It's about an hour long interview with me about videogames. I mention QWOP, Streets of Rage 2, game design courses, starting a business and Mine is Episode #12.
There's a part at the start where I trail off mid-sentence and forget what I was talking about. I asked him to take that part out, but he hasn't got around to it yet. It gets better after that! I recorded it about a month ago, and it's not 100% QUOTE ME ON EVERYTHING, but it's pretty good.


RBOTS is coming out. It's not a game I MADE, but I helped out and made some of the art, animations, design stuff, promotional stuff etc. It's an alright game, I've played it. It's for iPhone.
I'm still doing A10 splash animations and I think they're looking way better now. This one's awesome cos it's made for a developer I really like. This one's pretty good, and I think someone on TigSource saw it n wants to contract me for some animation. Cool!

Remember that game I keep blogging about?

 I sketched the intro for the first time today:
It's a first draft, so it'll change.
The first level is that these two are controlling the suit remotely for a test-run to prove that it's "finished", but then get ambushed and have to fight a tonne o robots all of a sudden. When they bring the suit back to the lab, they HOPE nobody notices that it's not finished at all and they just put a bear in it.
And the joke is that nobody ever notices, for the whole length of the game.
It's kinda hard going from No Time To Explain, which had an intro of 10 seconds, to this. I really wanna take parts out and cut it down, but I also wanna pack more jokes into everything. If I make it too short, will it make sense what's happening? Does it make sense now? This is gonna be a difficult part.

I might make a game about being a lonely creepy loser who's too much of a fucking retard to do anything right and too much of a miserable pussy to fix it!

So here's this project in a nutshell. It's an idea I had a long time ago and I've been hesitant to make it cos I just don't think it'll be fun to make and I'm scared people won't get it. The trigger was a few nights ago when I couldn't sleep, and stayed awake thinking to myself. I was thinking about these friends I have who say they're my best friends, but I found out they were shutting me out of some conversations- and when I found out what it was, it was just some stupid girl shit. I've trusted them with WAY scarier stuff than that. So I had that horrible feeling that I was just a background character again. My worst nightmare that the closest I can ever get to anyone is their very outer perimetre is a world I'm already living in, but I connected some dots and got very scared that things might get even worse than that in the future. So-- just read the post in that link, it describes the game and what it's for.
And-- duh- Don't even PRETEND that's the only thing I get sad about, I'm obviously just mentioning the trigger that made me want to make this, I'm not writing down my whole life story.
Funny enough, the first time I came up with this game was a blog post on GiantBomb, by someone called Vince something, who wrote a huge whiney post about how he was a virgin. The response, to my massive surprise, was people helping him feel better. Which is nuts. It made me realise that in order to even be here, on this forum on the internet, we all have to have some vulnerability or some kind of darkness inside us that we're afraid of talking about. So that's when I invented Halfbeard, a boy with a stupid broken face, to talk about the things you don't like about yourself in this vague way that everyone can join in on.  
(There'd be a picture here, but Parchment 1 has real trouble with images and Parchment 2 can't go to a new line properly)

Oh and I added a boomerang to this bear game, it's real sweet. You catch it and it powers up.
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