Transitioning from 2D games to 3D games

Hey this is a blog of my game dev exploits.

I've bin makin Flash games, and I want this one to benefit from all the lights and effects you get in 3D, so this is my first real swing in this territory.

BOY, IT'S BIN A ROUGH WEEK! I started off and I had all this concept art with colours where light to shadow moves along two different HUEs instead of just getting darker. So I could have a game that was all shaded, but without having any dark desaturated grays, so it'd always look colourful.

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That stuff's easy in 3DSMax, BUT!!!! You take it into Unity and it turns out you have way less options with shaders. Infact you have to make your own shaders. Which I've never even thought I'd be doing. Tried it anyway. Turns out there are tools out there to make it easy to get into, but I really couldn't squeeze anything out of it that wasn't broken in some way :/

Having a 2D animated plane: You'd think it'd just be a straight import right? Nope! You have to make a sprite sheet, then code your own animation function. Moving from Actionscript to C# means doing way more work, it turns out. It's like being in Drew's flight sim game where there's 10 different switches just to warm up the engine before you switch it on, or the wing blows up and you have to start again.

ANYWAY: I guess I'll leave out the hundred other places I tripped up and just skip to where I'm at now:


My old idea for what the robot should look like was good, and I liked it:

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but you just don't get to see that it's a bear, and I kind of worried that maybe you should. Is that just the marketing producer in me? Should I actually stick with this design? I redesigned it anyway:

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Click for animated gif
Click for animated gif

Trust me, modelling it in 3D and animating it was the EASY PART, getting it into the actual game took all damn week! I feel bad that it seems to have lost some Strider-like quiality that you could see in the first video, so I should re-do that slash effect... Anyway I guess I'm over the hard part now. I only wanted to make a small demo to shop around and find someone else to help. So I'll finish this up and get back to the art stuff soon. Speakin of which, here's another concept art thing I did last week for backstory:


From the great and powerful arm of the resistance Chetakmunzikha who liberated the people of Mars from Earth, to the fearless leader Chetak, to Chet.

Chet Jetset Jr. Jr.

Aright that's it, see ya around!