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What should I name this game?

Hello members of I have not posted a message to the Internet for a long time.

Forums haven't been my thing for a while, since I moved to holland in June and starting working on SpeedRunners, I've had a very strange and busy life. Thanks to vinny, drew, jeff, brad and alexis for playing our games on videos: it's cool and we flip out every time.

Sorry you keep running backwards through levels, but you are seriously the only guys who do that.

Anyway the main reason I'm making this post is to say that us guys are about to announce our 3rd game, after No Time and SpeedRunners, and we can't stick on a name. The game is a jet plane dogfighting game, where you can eject out and steal other vehicles in the sky. I guess it's like the stuff you do in Just Cause, but in a Team Fortress red-vs-blue format, and if you touch the floor you die.
We saw all those sick Battlefield gifs and wanted to make a game that was just that.

The code name was "JetGetters" for a long time, and my producer wants to call it "Super Sky Pirates". I hate that, what do you guys think? Here's my brainstorm list:

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I know you guys don't like reading long blog posts, so that's it. Please help me on this.