Winding down on my first commercial videogame

Is it a rule that I can't put blog posts in the forums? I can't remember. Is that this site, or another site? ANYWAY-
We submitted No Time to Steam again. We fixed everything, packaged both games together, made it fullscreen, and added all that stuff people were asking for. Everyone's asking us if we'll give out codes to everyone who already bought it, but FUCK IF I KNOW, MAN! That is not up to us. We're asking for it, and if we don't get it then it's because they said No. It's not cos of some... sneaky plan so everyone buys it twie, or anything weird. So don't get weird on me about it.
UPDATE:: Steam said No. It's their policy to not give feedback or real explanations as to why, so we don't know why. The only thing they said was " move forward and get the game out there, if it takes off then that will get our interest."
Some fans made a petition (Johan Schei is the name of the guy who started it, so thanks) and y'know... I'm not gonna bet the farm on an online pettition, but the comments are really nice and I'm happy to see people supporting us all in one place. As the developer, my job's finished and I'm moving forward. Alex, the producer, has got a tonne o work to do, talking to people like IGN, the Humble Bundle guys, Desura, and all the places you might see or hear about indie games.
The rest of this post is kind of inside-baseball and all about what my job is in 2012, so you can just skip it if you're not that interested. 

So let's say this is the end o the road for this game. WHAT NOW!? Well web games are pretty fuckin scary right now. Have you seen this Flash game? That's a .swf file that you can submit to any web game site, right now, the same way every other game goes up. And I can't stop playing Kingdom Rush! I don't even LIKE tower defense!!
The last game I sold on FGL went for $1000, I kinda suck at this. Is anyone else still doin the art n code on their own?

Anyway I skipped AS3; jumped into Unity and tried some C#. It's fairly easy, I made a canabalt. I've got some Flash prototypes of what our next full digital-download for-sale game could be, and I'll post those here as soon as they're showing some good ideas. They're thicker and more interesting mechanics than was in No Time, but still something a couple dudes could make in under 10 months.
My ideal plan, hopefully, is to design a game top to bottom, then find a better coder than me. Then we can both focus on two halves of how to make a game, instead of me playing catch-up on every part and it coming out broken.
I wrote a blog post about planning a new game. Comedy games, right? What's up with that?

But coming up with ideas DON'T PAY THE BILLS! I'll have loads of time to not worry about making games for a while, as I've bin brought aboard Casual Social Facebook iPhone App Hashtag-Trending Focus-Testing How-Can-We-Make-This-Look-More-Like-Angry-Birds Megacorp .inc to do some wetwork.
They sent me this, I sent them this, they sent me this, and we all laughed. Am I allowed to share that? Probably not?
I've got a few drobots to redesign, and my main job is to animate a unique intro for all the games they buy. Like the old Megadrive games 1 2 3. So that'll give me some good time to come up with a project #2.
Cos oh my god are indie games good these days or what. I came up with No Time in the shower, that's not gonna fly twice. I personally am NOT expecting to get on Steam (if you ask me)  EDIT-- I wrote these couple paragraphs last week.