Games you might have forgot about

These all might come out this year. Or might not.

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  • It's a survival game (NOT survival horror) where you're in Chicago and a huge earthquake hits. It fucks up everything, it's a huge disaster, nobody can get any food or water or shelter, people are goin crazy.

    You have to scrounge resources and manipulate people in a modern-day setting.

  • What the hell is it? I have no idea.

    It's a sequel to Red Faction Guerilla (which is a GREAT game) where you fight big insect martians.

    It still has a load of destruction in it, but WHO KNOWS what else.

  • I dunno, it's a sequel to the first one...

    Nobody knows anything new since that trailer came out.

  • Crazy-sick animated 2D brawler.

    Looking at it again, I'm not TOTALLY blown away by how it looks, there is a lot o cheap tween stuff I can see, but hey- it does look pretty good.

    Coming to XBLA.

  • Gonna be honest I have no fucking clue what this is, but an X-Men RPG where you slowly become an X-man through professor Xavier's school WITHOUT it being like Carvel Ultimate Alliance sounds good.

    I think it's being made by Sillicon Knights though...

  • I think it's being made by the people behind Black? That's good enough fr me to keep an eye on it.

  • What if shot got rotten in Korea and they invaded the US?

    What if it got to the point where people were barricading themselves in their basements and going outright crazy?

    That's Homefront.

  • Remember that guy who made Braid? Jonathon Blow?

    This is his second game.

  • I don't like Silent Hill, but maybe you do.

  • lol jk, how could you forget this? it's gonna be fuckin sick