List of arseholes

If I was goin drinkin down town I wouldn't invite these guys. They're total wankers.

List items

  • Alright so this is a guy on Lost Planet. He's just like a side-character that only shows up in cut-scenes n shit but this guy is a MASSIVE PRICK. It's like- we're tryin to fight a war on fuckin- north pole island or whatever, and every time he's onscreen he's like WUH-OH GUYS LOOKS LIKE I JUST FELL OVER!! CHECK MY ZANEY HAIR AND CRAZY SWIRLY GLASSES. Fuck you man, people are dieing in this war. Why is he even in this game? It ruins the whole point of it. Like putting fuckin Shaggy n Scooby in- like- Valkyrie.

    Every time he's onscreen I'm just like shut the fuck up and stop acting like a dick. God.

  • Zangief is a twat. I met him in Street Fighter 4. All he does is fuckin suplexes people or whatever over n over again and takes off like an absolute shedload of health every time. Then he's all I'M DA RED CYCLONE as if he's like super skilled and clever, when really he's just a big fat blubbering vagina.

  • Altair you're so boring. You've got zero personality, you're not fun, you're not smart or dumb, you've got no past, no family or friends- I don't even know what you look like. Give us a smile Altair, fo christ sake.

  • Uuurrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh.

    I would bone just about anyone on that ship (even Jack) but Samara- What the fuck. Just- what. You're so so so fucking boring. Stop actin like you're the fucking queen cos I honestly don't give a shit. The only reason you're on my ship is cos you had an awesome mission.

    And stop walkin around tellin everyone you're some fuckin badass jedi, cos you didn't even know PULL before I met you.

    Your weird sex-murdering daughter is way better.


    I fucking hate Niko.