Really well-realised ideas

Specific things in games that came out GREAT!


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  • GREAT character. He's clearly gone through some kind of rejection cycle and come out the other end with a creepy superiority complex.

    He's manipulative, clever, confident, and an insipid jerk.

    A great enemy who's an actually believable person.


    Thanks to GTA4 for updatin video games with some actual tech that's as useful in-game as it is in real life.

  • Specifically Geo-mod 2.0

    I'm playing Red Faction Guerrila and everything breaks apart in this game.

    EVERYTHING. NO QUESTION- JUST EVERYTHING. And it breaks apart in spectacular fashion.

    When you think about how much processing power it takes to make that happen as well as it does here, they really kick the shit out of everyone else.

  • When I first fought the hunters in Half Life 2 I thought it was the best enemy AI in the fucking world. They leap and crawl and gallop around all over the map, they watch you through windows amd get agitated n sneaky like you're going up against real creatures that really have a mind of their own. It's amazing.

    I played it again and realised it was actually just clever use of animation and scripted events-- but then I was EVEN MORE impressed that they'd tricked me.

    I'm also really interested in some of the AI in Dead Space, but I'm too much of a fanny to play it :/

  • YEAH!!

  • The first game that really blew me away with telekenesis was Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy. This game was WAY ahead of it's time! You could pick up so many objects in the game; guns, bodys, grenades, props, explosives, cover.. and you could float it around, set it on fire or throw it, in complete 3D. Whichever direction you want. You could even stand on a crate, then telekinetically pick it up, and SURF AROUND IN THE AIR. You could stop grenades mid-flight and pull off all kinds of tricks, and it's the first time anyone's ever done it.

    The only people who came close since are the team on Bioshock, in which you could swoop a guy's hat off his head and throw it in his face.

    Still- Psi-ops deserves the credit.

  • They had an idea for an eyeball, he wasn't quite the same as any other character in games, and they nailed it. All the stuff of him hiding around levels, they way he tutorials you, the companionship you get from Wheatley, the comedy he puts into the first half of the game-- The way they wrote and animated this character is something that definately stands out from the crowd.

  • Reloading sucks. It's down-time, it slows everything down, you can't do nothin, you get stuck in animation loops, it's a sucky thing to have to keep track of, and it's not fun.

    Epic took that and made it one of the best features in the game- It's faster, funner, gives you a boost, gives you a tiny challenge and risk-- It's like they just slammed a fist down and said "No. Reloading sucks and we're not having it."