My MAME Cabient


 The bottom is Velcro-ed on to hide the wires and stuff
 The bottom is Velcro-ed on to hide the wires and stuff
 Honestly its been finished for a month but things like Dwarf Fortress and vacation stopped me. Its a lot of fun with another person. I showed one of my buds the cabinet and he said "So its a black box with an emulator" . As true as he was the X - Arcade joystick(s very fun to use) w ashed away all of his doubt with some obscure fighting games. The Computer in the cabinet is pretty old so it can't run Jackie Chan / MK games and it takes AGES to load up but its fine. The joystick likes to sticks every once in a while nad a button stopped working for a minute so its not perfect. All in all its fun and needs a little extra work (mainly a border or side images).
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I was cleaning out my computer of underplayed games and free2play MMOs today. Going down the list I chose Dynasty Warriors Online. I saw that it was taking longer than anticipated. So I began to unisntall some other. Half an hour later I finally looked at what the the DWO unistall client was deletinmg. Somehow it was deleitng files from my Steam folder. I  Ctrl Alt Delete until it stops. Then all of my steam games turn gray and I go "No fucking way". 
I uninstalled Steam and  firefox(it stopped working too) and reinstalled them. Now Im busy narrowing down the list of games i want to reinstall and which I don't. What Annoys me most is that i was halfway finish with the Dragon Age Ultimate download and the STALKER download.  Happy Holidays.


My First Time With TF2

This is A lie. I have played it in Orange Box for like 2 hours. Then I heard that Valve hated the PS3 so that led me to not want to not want to ever finish any of the games except for Portal. And who wants to play an outdated game anyway?
I was in Best Buy and they had a 9.99 copy of TF2. I bought it thinking "Take that digital distribution!". Of course it activated Steam and became my only game in my Steam library. Then it started updating. Fast-forward 4 and a half hours later when it finished. Steam apparently didn't recognize my graphics card. Which I found hilarious. Too my surprise the menu wasn't laggy. After setting everything to the lowest possible I started playing the tutorial ,then some bot matches. I kinda suck. The lag wasn't helping. I fiddled some more and got it to a point where it was playable. The following is what happened:

  • Got some boxing gloves in offline practice
  • Started online
  • Grabbed the intelligence and went the wrong way
  • We won
  • Played somethin' else
  • Got a needle gun(that kills me?)
  •  Only played scout and soilder
  • Died a bunch and stayed at the bottom of the points list
So I had a lot of fun. I bought it just in time for my new rig which arrives in 2 weeks. Then I finally hope to get into Team Fortress 2 more.