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I was born in the island of Puerto Rico, which makes me a proud Boricua. How did I learn to speak and write English so well? By watching TV, of course! I'm guessing that people like me for my sense of humor. I've basically been raised with a game controller on my hands. It's rumored that my first words were "Mario". I had it pretty good as a kid: I played with my Nintendo systems on a daily basis, I had a couple of good birthday parties and now I am a college graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design. I love to keep up to date on the design and technology worlds. I love knowing about the newest/hottest gadgets coming out. It doesn’t matter at all, I like to be doing something that is fun, or something that I know is making me happier. But I also enjoy sitting around and being lazy, cause.....its so easy. Lot's of my time is spent on the computer editing photos using Photoshop CC. I like going to the mall and movies, and playing games (PS4, Wii U, 3DSXL) I have two brothers and sisters which are WAY older than me; so they don't know how to have real fun LOL! And with that, I shall take my leave. BYE..