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  • IceColdGamer posted a message on the post 684: Brad's Leaving.

    Been here since Day 1. I love you all.

  • IceColdGamer posted a message in the forum topic How have the Patches Been?. on the Assassin's Creed Valhalla board

    @junkerman: Weird. Playing it on PS5 and its miles ahead of Origins and Odyssey. I've got 102 hours in and the only bug I've had is the "Drunk" bug. But that has since stopped. Best looking and soundi...

  • IceColdGamer posted a message in the forum topic I gave in and bought off scalpers dint pay to much. on the General Discussion board

    In an effort to get my close friend a PS5 Digital Version here in Canada a group of 3 of us her in Canada spammed Best Buy, TheSource, Toys R Us, and EBGames on Launch Day. I managed to get a Physica...