Completing My 360 Games...3

We did it! My girlfriend Jamie and I completed our first "co-op" run of Bioshock for the XBOX 360. She loved it and understood about 85% of what was going on so I'm excited about that. She ran out the next day and picked up "Dead Space" also for the XBOX 360 for our next run.
She got "Dead Space" for $19.99 at Wal-Mart and I picked up "Devil May Cry 4: Collector's Edition" with Animated Series Vol 1, Metal Case and Bonus DVD for 9.99$ also at Wal-Mart. All in all not a bad grab.
Anyways as far as achievements came this week we did fairly well. I managed to mop up almost all of the remaining BioShock achievements on our playthrough. I only have Brass Balls and Seriously Good At This remaining!
Now for the update! 
Research PhD - The player has maxed out all possible research - 20G
Irony -  The player has taken a picture of Sander Cohen's corpse - 10G
Found Cohen's Room -  The player has entered Sander Cohen's personal quarters - 10G
Avid Inventor -  The player has successfully invented at least 100 items. - 10G
Weapon Specialist  - The player has acquired all upgrades for all weapons. - 20G
Tonic Collector -  The player has collected or invented 53 Tonics in the Physical, Engineering and Combat tracks - 50G
Historian - The player has found every audio diary. - 50G
Total Score960/1100 
Rock Band
Rhythm Rocker -  Finished Drum Solo Tour on Easy - 20G
Total Score - 170/1000
Raptor Specialist - You have accumulated 50 kills with the Raptor - 15G
Clap On/Clap Off - You have successfully used a TD switch for the first time in single player - 25G
Black Widow Specialist - You have accumulated 50 kills with the Black Widow - 15G
Total Score - 185/1000
That's all for now! Keep an eye out for Dead Space and Devil May Cry achievements in my next update!
Thanks for reading :)
Matt and Jamie
PS: If anyone has a good recommendation for a game to play through once we're finished with Dead Space please let us know! Thanks a lot!