Completing Our Games #12 (Late Edition)

Hey All,
Sorry it's been so long! Jamie and I have been busy gaming and planning more vacations but I thought I'd fill those of you who are kind enough to read our blog in on what we've been up to in our virtual worlds...
My most recent accomplishments (last night) were 1000/1000 Modern Warfare 2, and Assassin's Creed 2. Finally found all those damn feathers. (Found 68 without a map, but then caved).
My next target is Brother's In Arms: Hell's Highway. I'm working on the last two missions and then I need to run through and find all those damn Kilroy's hidden throughout the maps. 
Jamie is working on Gears of War 1, which I don't think she'll be able to 1000 because of all the multiplayer achievements. We'll probably do a Co-Op run through of that sometime soon on Insane.
My next few game completions should be Batman Arkham Asylum (875/1000), Brothers In Arms Hells Highway (530/1000), Call of Duty WAW (720/1000), Call of Duty: Classic (40/200), Borderlands (525/1000), and finally Bioshock (960/1000)
Exciting stuff!
Jamie and I are heading back to Florida on March 1st to a condo in Treasure Island on the Gulf Coast. Then New York City later this year! 
Hope everyone has had a safe January and look to see you in the Lobbies and Chat Rooms on Live and PSN!