Completing Our Games #18

Hey Guys!
Just another quick update here as I'm having some fun playing with Jamie in some Soul Calibur 4.
#1 - Jamie completed LEGO Indiana Jones on the 360. 1000/1000. She's extremely happy with that and is anxious to start another LEGO game ASAP. I think she'll be picking up LEGO Harry Potter when it's released.
#2 - I'm still heavy up into Fable 2, completing the Hero of Will Quest and returning back to Albion to increase my Real Estate empire :)
#3 - We went out to EBGames and spent some cash today on some new fun stuff. I blew a 100$ Gift Card I had from my Aunt and picked up the Collector's Edition of "Alan Wake" and the 360 version of Red Dead Redemption. I also went to Wal-Mart and picked up the Alan Wake Survival Guide from Prima because I enjoy having everything when I have a Collector's Edition now. Jamie picked up The Sabouteur (for me) and grabbed Soul Calibur 4 for the 360 for her. I also put $10 down on the Collector's Edition of StarCraft 2 for the PC. I dunno if I'll open it, I might see if they sell out and maybe make some cash off it.
That's all for now :) I'm working on Fable 2 and Just Cause 2. Unlocked tons of achievements in that last night.
 Happy Gaming :) Be Safe.