Crysis Clearing #1

I've been playing randomly throughout the last month and I've made it to what I can only think of as "Act 2". I'm beginning to make a move against the KPA with the US Assaulting the Island. So far the game has been a lot of sneakin' and peekin' but some frustrating bits have definitely been rearing their heads. After your first encounter with the "Doctor and the Fossil" you have to take a boat down to a VTOL extraction point. I spent about 30 minutes getting owned by a helicopter before I searched the nearby buildings and found a Missile Launcher. The chopper went down in 2 hits and had no idea where the shots came from, felt pretty epic.

The first encounter with the KPA Nano-Suits (ambushed by four of them) was pretty thrilling, even though I tore through them with four perfect shotgun blasts from behind and the side. The feeling of being stalked, or stalking an enemy is what I'm hoping to get in Crysis 3's "Hunter Mode".

I look forward to the conclusion of Crysis and moving onto Crysis: WarHead!

Any cool experiences with Crysis? Tips/Hints? Throw em out to me!

Happy Gaming :)