My Indies to Watch 2012

So here's the deal: I follow a lot of crazy indie games. Many aren't entirely on the radar of the average gamer and few appear on any Lists. This is their story.

Work in Progress.

List items

  • Already brilliant and completely playable. Vast potential for an open world, the current version is a much smaller sandbox map but with their incredible space combat system it's wasted hours of my life.

  • The Zombie Fans dream game, seriously. Survival in a vast and dynamic city, with characters morale, health, and more tracked.

  • I'm not a huge car enthusiast - in fact before the beta of this came out I wasn't entirely sure what most things on a car were for - but this appeals to me as a detailed sim as well as a business management game.

  • A hard-to-describe and completely unique take on the action-platforming genre. I still don't know what I think about it, but it is undeniably unique

  • A reimagining of the original X-Com franchise with a cold war twist and modern conveniences and improvements. A lot of potential and a dedication to the core gameplay that made the franchise great.

  • I have my doubts about Notch but few people these days are willing to put together these kinds of sandbox space sim experiences anymore, and certainly few have ever existed with the depth of the DCPU-16 system.

  • A space ship command Roguelike? Amazing, and one I've pledged to on kickstarter.

  • The ultimate zombie RPG? Time will tell but there are some smart people involved here, most notably Brian Mitsoda the head writer of Vampire: Bloodlines.

  • Another great seeming sandbox, with strategy elements and all kinds of great procedural generation content.

  • Torchlight but better. SOLD.

  • Obviously.

  • Yes yes yes

  • Sure is Kickstarter in here

  • Almost seems too good to be true, will be more excited for it when they show off some real gameplay footage.

  • A fantastic looking co-op experience.

  • An interesting looking take on management/strategy/sim games, by longtime indie darlings Introversion.

  • Possibly my dream game.