Best of 2019

Games that did not make the list, either because I didn't play or play enough, but would like to go back and play more:

* Disco Elysium (I wish I had the patience for CRPGs but from what I hear this is worth checking out)

* Satisfactory (Even though I played more of this than some other games on my list, I still want to play more and will wait for more content, should it release from Early Access in 2020, it'll probably end up on that list)

* Outer Wilds (I've only played a few hours one weekend, but I really want to jump into this given the reception around this game)

* The Outer Worlds (I fell off this game pretty hard, probably due to other games taking up my time, but enjoyed my time with it)

* Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (I just started this a few days ago, as of the time of writing this list, so it's not making my list, but so far I've been enjoying it)

* Remnant: From the Ashes (I enjoyed what I've played of this, but I didn't play much of it, though I didn't touch co-op and I really want to.)

List items

  • I love a good Metroidvania, and boy does this one really nail it. I started playing this on the Switch and fell off it a few hours in due to its performance. Long load times, really killed it for me. I picked it up a couple months later on PC thanks to Vinnyvania. It's kind of crazy that they managed to make a kitchen-sink designed metroidvania game that was not a hot mess. There's just so much to this game that made me want to play more. I also spent a decent amount of time grinding just so I could get as many of the passive shards to turn into permanent skills and master some techniques. Not a lot of games make me want to grind them, while not necessarily needing it to enjoy.

  • Loved what they made here. At times the combat felt a bit tiresome and tedious (not quite monster closet-level), but the powers were fun, yet occasionally janky. Combat aside, the story was interesting enough to propel me forward, as well as the cool and fascinating world building they do. The overall aesthetic and style were very strong.

  • Played a bunch of this last year during its Early Access and revisited it multiple times since. I love these sort of simulation, management games and this was one that really hooked me with its depth, yet accessibility, and ease of playability.

  • It's more Pokemon, but this time on a console. Been playing the mainline games since the beginning, though sort of skipping some in recent years, feeling like they were getting stale. That being said, this one really hooked me for a few weeks like Pokemon used to.

  • A great remake, despite its performance issues. When it was first revealed, I was immediately sold. I loved the original on the Gameboy and I absolutely loved the art style. When it came out I planned on saving it for an upcoming flight/trip a couple weeks later, but broke down and just played through its completion that release weekend.

  • Officially released this year but was out in beta last year. I'm a big fan of Magic in physical form, they really nailed it here. Played it regularly on my work lunch breaks throughout the year and watched a bunch of youtube/twitch content around it. All that said, I prefer Magic in physical form due to the vastly larger card pool and social aspect as well as other formats not represented in this digital form, but I'm absolutely looking forward to what they can do with this platform going forward.

  • A Monster Hunter like game that originated on the PC which, up until recently, was lacking. Even though Monster Hunter came to the PC, I've still gone back to Dauntless as it does enough different to keep me interested.

  • I place this in the same bucket as Hotline Miami. It's a trippy, murder-filled game. The story was interesting enough to propel me through it. The gameplay was also interesting and challenging at times, but not frustratingly so. It did not overstay its welcome.

  • As a fan of first person melee, and not a big competitive multi-player player these days, I loved this game, despite a subset of the community being toxic.

  • Never finished it, but really liked what they were doing as a fan of the Tactics RPG games such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre