Sequels I'd like to see, Part One: The World Ends With You 2

I thought I'd write some stuff about sequels I'd like to see, and what I'd like to see in them. The first one is...

The World Ends With You 2

The World Ends With You is my favorite Nintendo DS game, and my second favorite JRPG. The combat system made excellent use of both the dual screens and touch control. It took a while to get the hang of it, but once I did, I had more fun than I have ever had with battles in a JRPG. The story was great, the characters were likeable and the urban setting was a breath of fresh air compared to the usual clichéd fantasy or sci-fi settings most JRPGs use. What I'd like to see in a sequel is:

  • Co-op.

    While co-op would be hard to implement into the story mode, it would be awesome in an extra mode. You could do survival challenges, boss rushes, and battles with time limits. The battle system in TWEWY seems to be perfect for co-op - you always see your partner on the top screen, cooperate by timing your attacks to get light-puck multipliers, and since you share health bar you can't ignore your partner. I'm thinking it would be wireless(and online), both players fight on their bottom screens using pins, and you'd see your partner's battle on the top screen. I dunno about you guys, but I think it would be great fun and add replay value.

  • A fresh start.

    The developers didn't leave much room for a direct sequel, and I think the story of Shibuya's Reaper's Game is finished. They should keep the Reaper's Game concept, but a new location and new characters is a must. References and cameo appearance's are cool, but the characters from the first TWEWY shouldn't be significant to the story.

  • More variation and customization when it comes to music.

    Yes, the music in TWEWY was appropriate for the setting, and I admit that there was one tune I really liked. Once I had gotten used to the rest of the music it didn't bother me, but still... it needed more variation. Far from everyone likes J-pop and J-rock, so other genres would be appreciated. Heavy metal, blues, orchestral... and it should be customizable. In TWEWY you could buy tracks in in-game stores, but your track of choice only played on the pause menu. Why not let me set music I've bought to play on the field, in battles(maybe even let me set different tracks for bosses, mini-bosses and normal battles)? Buying a track I like and then being able to listen to it whenever I want would be awesome.

Some more depth to the relationships you have with vendors would also be really cool, but otherwise I think that's it. Look forward to the next part of "Sequels I'd like to see"... or don't - suit yourself!