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1. Fry half an onion with plenty of chopped garlic. Add black or red lentils and water, and season with plenty of cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, ground ginger, chili powder, black pepper and some salt. Simmer for 20-25 minutes and eat with boiled rice.

2. Fry half an onion along with plenty of garlic. Dice a fresh tomato and chop up some sun-dried ones, and put that in the pan along with maybe half a can of crushed tomatoes and a little bit of water. Add salt, pepper, sage, thyme, cayenne pepper, chili powder, a small pinch of sugar, and a big spoonful of sambal oelek. Chop some green olives and add that, too. Boil for a couple of minutes and eat with fusilli.

Also don't give up meat.

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Whatever, the live action movies are where it's at. They were boring in the beginning, but the last two were hilarious (and not by accident, I think). I'm eagerly awaiting the upcoming one.

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If they make something like Leon's campaign from 6 while refining and building on that game's combat system, then absolutely. If they go the Revelations route I have no interest.

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I can't recommend it, but I can't recommend against it either. It's not a bad game. Aesthetically and atmospherically it's great, apart from feeling a bit disjointed. But the combat is designed in a way that betrays a complete misunderstanding of why Resident Evil 4's system and enemy design (which is what it uses as its foundation) worked so well. Several cool things from RE4 are absent (contextual melee attacks, Plagas etc.) and while played mobility has been improved (but is still limited -- there are no dodge rolls, for instance) the enemies haven't received any comparable upgrade, which means they're not that much fun to fight because it's so easy to outmaneuver them. You don't have to worry about getting cornered, you don't have to worry about getting surrounded, you don't have to pay attention to the environment -- or more accurately, you do have to worry about all of these things, but far less than in Resident Evil 4, and the game is much less interesting as a consequence. The story isn't very interesting either.

Again, it's not a bad game. I played through the whole thing and enjoyed it. If you can get it for cheap and don't have anything else that you're genuinely excited to play, it's not not worth getting. But it's the worst game Mikami has directed in over a decade.

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The ghosts of little girls.

As someone who's terrified of bugs in real life, I feel like they should take the top spot, but I've never seen them done well. I get the impression that no one who's ever worked on a horror film about insects or spiders has actually had entomophobia or arachnophobia.

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Cool if it turns out to be a quality port.

What would be even cooler, though, is if they returned to making something other than smartphone trash and ports of old games. But I heard that many of their shoot 'em up designers left back when they got out of the arcade and console markets, so I guess that's never going to happen.

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@yummylee: It's not a difficult game to beat, but most people are absolutely "playing it wrong." Just look at @oldirtybearon. "It's like Gears shooting but it doesn't feel half as good as Gears of War." The game is nothing like Gears of War. This is on the same level as describing WipEout as "It's like Burnout but doesn't feel as good." It's true, you can play WipEout like Burnout, or Resident Evil 6 and Vanquish like Gears of War, or Guilty Gear like Street Fighter or whatever. You can also finish Dodonpachi and Metal Slug by credit feeding. If that's what you want to do, who's going to stop you? But your opinion on these games will be worthless.

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The game was good to begin with (it's the best Resident Evil since 4 and several orders of magnitude above trash like Revelations). The question is if you have gotten any better.

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I am all for it if the game yields more videos like this:

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