Red Alert 3 Premier Edition Soundtrack Now With Clicks!

The Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 soundtrack included with the Premier Edition is great but what makes this enter Sucktown on a suckoramamobile are the many, many audible clicks heard two at a time between tracks. It's a  real shame, a damn shame.   

Yes, screw 'em all!
Yes, screw 'em all!

EAC won't do the job removing the clicks if I try to extract the WAV files.

I wonder if contacting EA would bear any fruit. I doubt they would go to the trouble of pressing/burning a copy sans godawful clicks for just anyone much less me, Nicholas.

Help me, Greg Kasavin. You're my only hope.

LATE EDIT: I just can't get over how stuff like this happens in this day and age. Pressing error mayhap? Argh.