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After that opening, WrestleMania is doomed

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Grown Ups (the movie)

Grown Ups is a definite thumbs up from me, and I'd venture to guess everyone in the theater. This movie was comedy gold and the people over at Rotten Tomatoes don't know what they are talking about! 



[spoiler]Never used GB's spoiler system before, just trying it out to see if this is how to do it[/spoiler]

I'm now addicted

I've not used GB in a LONG time, I come back and there is this new quest feature. Ok cool, but now I'm addicted to these damn things. Managed to finish a bunch of them, but there are still a few I'm missing that are driving me bonkers!


Sony Press Conference

To be perfectly honest the only thing I remember about there conference is the new God of War: Ghost of Sparta, I prey to god they release a UMD for it even though I know it is very unlikely. And new Twisted Metal, Jaffe sure pulled it over my eyes with his twitter posts over the last month but it was all a lie. I CAN NOT WAIT TO PLAY THIS GAME!


Nintendo Press Conference

I know Sony hasn't gone yet, but I think Nintendo will end up with the best conference of E3 2010. NBA Jam is returning, hopefully the controls are fluid, along with a re release of 007 GoldenEye. Those right there have me sold, but you thing about all the core franchises returning and Nintendo is doing what there fans want. Yeah, there isn't a new IP other then Epic Mickey, but so what? There was only one of those cheap Mii style games (Mario Party: Mii edition).
Now the 3D stuff is crap in my opinion, but we all said that about the motion controls and that is the big thing. So I guess I'll have to wait and see for myself, though it will be tough as I'm not buying one, if it really works out well or not.


Ubisoft Press Conference

Part of Ubisoft's conference last night seamed like a regular toy expo, not video game stuff.  Honestly, the most impressing thing for me was a new driver and it's potential. 1 & 2 were really good with the rest being lack luster at best. The thought of the game returning to the old style is really exciting and hold promise.


EA Press Conference

NFS is returning to it's original routes with some Criterion influence, my god this could be the best announcement of E3! The original NFS games were by far my favorite back in the day, I played the hell out of them until they went the way of street racing.  I did continue to play them, but there is nothing like the old Hot Pursuit days. Of course this means no new Burnout until 2011, but that was the rumor for a while now so I kind of expected it and can live. 
Depending on how they simplify Madden, I may pick up my first Football game since the SNES Tecmo Bowl games, those things were a blast and still are to this day. Honestly, nothing else really impressed me from EA this year. Yes games look good, but nothing that really caught my eye unless you want to count that LIVE Broadcast thing. The idea sounds great, but implementation & interest after about a month are a big question mark for me.


Microsoft Press Conference

Are you kidding me, please tell me you were kidding me. I've seen some bad E3 conferences before, but Microsoft's 2010 was quite possibly the worst I have ever seen. It's like they took Nintendo's idea for the Wii, tweaked it slightly and called it there innovative idea for gaming. I'm sorry, but if I want to work out or bowl I have a Wii for that sort of thing. Forza, a great game series is quite likely going to be ruined if they end up doing what they are planning to do, I will walk away from the series. But they had Halo & Gears, I'm sorry I am not a FPS guy.
The best part was the very end when they officially announced the new 360. That thing is one sexy beast and I would really like one if not for the fact that I already have one that works fine.