Microsoft Press Conference

Are you kidding me, please tell me you were kidding me. I've seen some bad E3 conferences before, but Microsoft's 2010 was quite possibly the worst I have ever seen. It's like they took Nintendo's idea for the Wii, tweaked it slightly and called it there innovative idea for gaming. I'm sorry, but if I want to work out or bowl I have a Wii for that sort of thing. Forza, a great game series is quite likely going to be ruined if they end up doing what they are planning to do, I will walk away from the series. But they had Halo & Gears, I'm sorry I am not a FPS guy.
The best part was the very end when they officially announced the new 360. That thing is one sexy beast and I would really like one if not for the fact that I already have one that works fine.