GOTY 2013

My list of the best games of the year. As always, I don't play that many of the AAA games due to my vision impairment, but these games are still worth something in my book.

List items

  • Is the series getting a bit stale? Was the online disappointing? Did that one scene go a bit to far? Maybe.

    That being said, the game had a good story, characters & looked fantastic and was still very enjoyable.

  • This is actually the first LEGO game I've ever played, though others have looked interesting. Marvel just holds more of my interest then the rest of the franchises they've done. The story was fantastic and really fit well with the universe they were trying to hit, I'd be all for a sequel to this one like Batman got.

  • Mortal Kombat it was not, but then again it wasn't supposed to be. I enjoyed the gameplay changes, and NetherRealm crafted an enjoyable story despite my lack of interest in the DC universe.

  • I really enjoyed the original and was very excited for a sequel. The game definitely went on a bit longer then it should have, but it was charming and fun enough to overcome that small factor.

  • These games have always been fun, and this one is no exception.

  • 2013 was a better game with it's focus on the Attitude Era, but the 30 years of Wrestlemania is still fun. That being said, the game engine desperately needs an overhaul ASAP.

  • It may not of received much approval, and it may not have been innovative, but it was fun and more importantly funny in my book.

  • Honorable mention. I just got a 3DS this year so I hadn't played this game until now. It is a brilliant game and would be #1 if I was ranking it on the scale instead of just throwing it up there.