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Hey Hey Hey , hi.

I just got back from this walk and i came to a realization that changed my perspective on life and well that realization was the fact that people who say thanks f***ing  hate you. Why you may ask well its cause your left with two options and they all make you look like a horrible human being .
They first one would be saying your welcome but when ever i say your welcome i feel like im some how talking back at them the second option would be to continue the conversation but than you didnt acknowledge  their thanks . 
Am i the only one who thinks that or are there others like me ? 
P.S how was your day stranger?


We need less guns in games

After watching Anthony Burch's Rev Rant  I started to think about his points and that  he made and why  he thinks games schould be more serious. He talked about how  as a medium games need to advance and be more thought provocing and I completely agree but where i think that he goes wrong is that he stated that games schouldnt just be about fun . I completely dissagree because well i get the fun out of my games from the gameplay so schould we suffer through horrible gameplay mechanics to see an amazing story . In my opinion no we schouldnt give accept bad gameplay for great story. Imagine if we lived in a world where Braid a art game that i actually enjoyed and i think had a decent story where to have bad gameplay mechanics that made solving the puzzles unintuitve and boring would that take away from the story ? I think it would so please post your opinion if games schould advance as a medium or are we fine where we are. 



Math teacher just blew my mind , i though
i schould post this somewhere

n X 10=  9.999...


Are We Human? Or ar We Dancer?

Yesterday I went out to my local HMV and bought the latest killers album Day & Age. I wasn't looking for the album but it was 12 dollars and who doesn't like indie rock and roll.
I began listening to it and i was and i was surprised with the first track losing touch it was 4:15 seconds of radio friendly music. I guess this album is more radio friendly , even though the
previous albums have had really high radio play so i guess its not radio but club play wat eves its alright and  nothing special but doesn't give a good first expression ( well it  does , i love the album art ). The next to song's are the " singles" for the song and there Spaceman and Human, witch in my opinion are the best killers songs  ever.  With the lyrics from  Human "Are We Human? Or ar We Dancer?" leaving  a lasting expression. The last tracks are pretty good i especially like neon tiger and i hated this the world  we live in. It ends with a goodnight farewell witch is also really really good so i finished listening to it and it reminded me how much i love the arctic monkeys since they did this album but so much better, so i guess Day & age is a good album and i recomend you listen to it, i wouldnt buy it unless you love the killers, and don't mind that they have sold out ; )  I dont know why im posting it on a gaming forum but i had loads of time to kill so please critize cause i know my writing sucks.