Game Idea

So I was talking to my brother yesterday and he brought up Tom Clancy's Endwar.  He claims to remember a trailer which shows the various Clancy franchises(Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Hawx, and Splinter Cell), but I just can't seem to find it.  Anyway, that sparked a conversation about a really great idea.
My brother thinks there should be a class based massively multiplayer game starring the collective games of the Tom Clancy franchise.

The Classes

  • Ghost Recon - Basic Soldier unit which has the widest array of weapons and armor for load out,
  • Rainbow Six - Specialist Unit, Weaker than soldier with more specialized equipment for hostage rescue.
  • Hawx - Obviously this is a flying unit with vehicle options for air support, transportation, and dog fighting.
  • Splinter Cell - Scout class, with unique set of gadgets for stealth recon.  Least amount of armor but also the fastest most athletic unit.

The Game Concept

  Imagine a game like MAG, but larger.  The Objective will always be some form of hostage recovery within an active war zone.  Each class plays a specific role in that game this way.  Obviously the Ghost  Recon players will be one large group charged with taking care of the outdoor ground battle, actively trying to capture zones, and supressing enemy forces.  It will play like a massive version of ghost recon  
  The Rainbow Six players will be grouped  in small teams of six and have to make their way from building to building, actively searching for their hostage.  Most of this classes time will be spent inside, breaching rooms and taking down small numbers of embedded forces within each building.  Standard affair for Rainbow Six fans.
  The Hawx class is a vehicle unit.  A series of different air vehicles will be selectable which allows for these players to choose to make bombing runs, pick up and drop off troops, or partake in dog fighting with enemy players to rule the skies and allow others to do the former 2 task.  anyone who likes a good arcade flying game will play this class.
  The Splinter Cell class will be either lone wolf or 2 man teams whose objectives are to infiltrate enemy territory, kill specifically marked targets, hack enemy computers to find intel on the hostage location for the Rainbow Six teams, and to silently wreak havoc on enemy forces.  Very low armor and almost certain one hit kills makes this class only fun for the truly die hard splinter cell fans.

The problems that currently prevent this game from being reasonable

  Off the top of my head I can see a few of the issues with this game being possible.
  • Maps - The scale of the maps to allow for comfortable air combat would have to be literally miles in diameter.  Which means getting ground units from point to point would require some sort of ground vehicles. Also the maps would need a ridiculous amount of detail for every building to have a fully developed interior to accommodate both the Rainbow six and splinter cell fans.  At best I think there could be maybe 2-3 unique map designs.
  • Balance - The only way I can think of, off the top of my head to keep the game balanced is to limit the number of each type of unit that can be in a specific round.  Unfortunately that means you might have to choose between playing the unit type you want, or playing as soon and as frequently as possible.  The other glaring issue would be that the game only really works when every class is played.  It in essence is flawed unless it has an overwhelmingly large player base for each role or the inclusion of really smart bots to fill the gaps.
I know there are more issues to address, but let me know what you think.  Could this be game be a possibility within a couple more console generations?
                                               Infamously Iireku