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One of the last modern classics. 0

 Gunstar Superheroes is an absolute blast. If you have any inclination towards action games, 2D games, score-based games, challenging games or even if you just have an itchy trigger finger, this is an action-packed blast-a-thon classic that is sure to satisfy. This is the sequel to Gunstar Heroes for the Sega Genesis, which was one of Treasure's breakout (and relatively undercurrent) hits. Gunstar Superheroes definitely lives up to the legacy by sticking to the winning formula of frenetic...

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A very solid and satisfying voyage for the wide-eyed adventurer. 0

Rogue Galaxy is a very enjoyable adventure that offers an abundance of things to do and places to explore. The game is far from perfect, but it serves as a worthy purchase for aficionados of Action-RPGs. The game starts on a simple note: A youngster on a remote desert planet yearns to explore the galaxy. After a major mix-up, he is whisked on an adventure that will have him discover his hidden potential and eventually save the galaxy. The game definitely succeeds in weaving a tale of adve...

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From here to infinity. 0

Warning Forever, to put it simply, is indie at its finest. Synopsis: Developed single-handedly by Hikoza Ohkubo, this is an amazing game that relies on a score-based incentive with a "one more" addictiveness. Essentially, the game is comprised of fighting an infinite stream of the same boss. However, the boss evolves, grows, and adapts to your strategies with each reincarnation. The boss starts out in its neutral state called the "Pure Heart". And based on how you attack, it learns in se...

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Sound. Pulse. Radiance. 0

Rez is definitely an oddity. It is many things, from Mizuguchi's first offering of synaesthesia to one of the few rail-shooters to come out in recent times (fittingly, it seems, done by some of the creative minds at Team Andromeda). It was as much a music game without being quite a rythm game, as it was a rail-shooter without being quite a blast-a-thon. A game of this type need not establish a very convoluted backstory to justify the pulsating music-based shooting. It is very sparse and v...

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The modern horror game. 0

 Synopsis: Dead Space is one of the most successful horror games to come in recent memory, because it lives-up to its horror heritage. This is achieved through a satisfying and quite interesting combat mechanic, but more importantly, an excellent audio and visual design that greatly compliments the setting. Although far from being innovative, not devoid of flaw, and suffers from some repetition, it is a successful amalgamation of solid mechanics that uplift it into an experience that is simply s...

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