Unsorted List of Games I Remember Playing in 2011

This list is UNSORTED. The order is basically the order I remembered them (which was basically the order the boxes were stacked or they appear in my steam games list).

They're mostly games that I beat or games that I enjoyed/played a lot.

List items

  • Good game. Love the story/world/characters. Glad I didn't spend 50% of my time managing inventory like ME1 but still felt like it lost something in the process.

  • Not as bad as people make it out to be. In fact, way better than people make it out to be.

  • Great game. Not as good as the first as a puzzle game, but pretty good characters/story. Good enough to make up for being not as good a puzzle game. Also, not a first person shooter. Some people have trouble with that concept. People who have beaten it.

  • I'd like to point out this is a list of games I played in 2011. Not necessarily games that were released in 2011.

  • Maybe I *am* addicted...

  • Fun game, if short. Worth the $10 or whatever.

  • Good game. My brother got it for free thanks to the PSN outage.

  • This is the game recently where I look at my list of games I could play, and just end up playing Skyrim. That's how I know it's a good game.

  • Still haven't finished the first chapter... not sure I will. :/

  • I am so bad at this game.

  • Betas count. My list, my rules.

  • Again, list of games I played, not ones that came out in 2011. Combo system is a little overhyped, but good. Detective vision... ugh... I probably don't even know what the colors of half the areas are due to this mechanic. They're all just blue. Definitely a game that when played on PC is best played with a controller. Overall great game.

  • If it were a little more tight and a little more polished, I'd almost say it's a better Zelda 64 clone than some of the newer Zelda games. But that would be too generous because Zelda 64 was pretty great. Either way, overall a worthwhile game.

  • Very good, but short. Multiplayer is so close to being a great game, but marred by early technical issues and consolitis.

  • Very good, but a little overhyped, and some of the puzzle solutions (admittedly, only like 3-4 for me) seem literally impossible without a spoiler. Maybe I'm just dumb.

  • Hey. It's TF2.

  • The only cure for Fallout: NV addiction is Skyrim.