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Sadly I cant assassinate the dissapointment 0

In Assassins Creed you play as Altair. You are part of a brotherhood of Assassins that are on a quest to protect the holy land from the invading crusaders. Assassins Creed is a game that will bring you along on a unique adventure unlike any other. At this point if you have heard of Assassins Creed you know about the "twist". In reality you play Desmond who is a test monkey for some kind of evil cooperation. Extremely early in the game you find out that these mysterious scientists are holding y...

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An essential game for any 360 owner 0

With the emergence of Gears of War 2 coming near, I decided to invest in the first game to get acquainted with the series. I can say that like me if you missed out on this game the first time around I implore you to get this game for yourself. The one quality of the game that resonated with me the most was the gun play and cover mechanics. While the total arsenal of weaponry is rather small, you can tell that each one was painstakingly crafted and tuned. You have your standard assault rifles, ...

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