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New York in Photos

Just a photomotion I made of my high school journalism class' trip to the NYC

New York 2010 from Minh Bui on Vimeo.

During mid-March we spent a week in New York for a journalism/yearbook conference at Columbia University. It was definitely a worthwhile experience and looking back I wish I had been a little more enthusiastic when we were out and about (I was just exhausted most of the time).

There were definitely a lot of good memories though.

Song: First breath after coma - Explosions in the Sky

This is the second kind of video i've done in this photomotion style, being the first

The quick timelapse was done with a GentLED Auto, photos were shot on a Nikon D40, the quick video was shot with a Nikon D5000


So maybe i should start bloggin?

As there are only 19 days left of school i decided i would focus some of my attention to other things, namely the bloggin

i don't have much to say yet, im not sure what i will potentially blog about, but rite now im just thinkin about keeping this as a mix between my opinions about games, as well as posting any pictures or videos i shoot over the summer

so far, i have a blend of the two

Pill's Here!

Fuck you louis


First Impressions of the Website

The website is coming along really nicely

I definitely enjoy the community aspect of the website, especially the wiki styled pages and the networking focused community. These features make the website a lot more personal and exciting (feels a little bit like facebook!)
Unfortunately, Im running into some of the technical issues of the website (its running a little slow) but these problems are reasonable considering the stage the website is currently in rite now

I hope there will be lots of video blogs coming from our favorite 4 and plenty of exciting podcasts