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I could be wrong of course but I think it's a vocal minority pushing for diversity and that most gamers couldn't really care less what colour/race/sex a character is.

How many people are going to not play Call of Duty if it has a black leading character? None. How many will not play Overwatch heroes because of their skin colour or sex? I'll go with none...

I'm really growing tired of articles about how 'X is So White' (Polygon just did this about Star Wars). Websites that get so bent out of shape about skin colour seem more racist to me than anyone else, when I see a movie poster I don't count the number of whites vs. others...

This right here is why it's such a big issue. I'll note now that I don't mean this as an attack on you @wynnduffy since I don't actually know anything about you so I can't assign any personal attributes/thoughts/feelings to you, just quoting because I think the ideas in your post are pretty illustrative. Now onto the point.

The idea that nobody cares about race/sex seems very indicative of privilege. White males not understanding why people get so bent out of shape (again not assuming that @wynnduffy is a white male) about skin colour of characters is precisely because they don't and never have felt under-represented in media and don't need any extra empowerment. So in some ways, it's totally true that it's a vocal minority, because that's what we're talking about with this idea of diversity in games is representing the under-represented minorities.

If you're right that people aren't going to not play CoD if it has a black leading character, then all the more reason game devs should make efforts to have black leading characters so that the people who don't care can go about their business but the people who would be happy to play a character they more easily identify with or feel represented by would get, well, representation!

Same goes for gender diversity, since that's what the thread is originally on. This is especially so since women aren't actually a minority in the real world, so it doesn't make sense why they should be so underrepresented in games.

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I think that's a pretty worthy trade-off for never having to see a cockroach.

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Crumpler messenger and/or shoulder bags are pretty fantastic, if only for the good waterproofing and their fantastic durability. I've been using mine for going on 10 years now and it's held up without any wear and tear damage. On top of that I'd say they're designed pretty well, with good and sensible pockets and stuff. They are, unfortunately, not the cheapest things so that can be a bit of a barrier. But if you do get one they'll most definitely last long enough to be worth the money.

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Who gives a fuck about an Oxford Comma?

Actually they're pretty useful.

Why would you speak to me that way :(

I tend to use them but won't freak out if they aren't there.

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@kirkyxCome down,there is no fight to be had.Look I understand you like the game and you have ordered it already,that is fine and well.You made you choice let others make the choice for their own,let them see all of the sides and then make the decision,all right? :

Pretty sure he was just carrying on with the raw dog joke. This thread continues to confuse me. Is this like Info Wars but for video games or something

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For real question, what does it mean that a game 'could have a lot of essays'? Just trying to see if I'm missing something.

Otherwise, thanks for the common sense PSA I guess?

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I'm legitimately shocked at all the Light theme using monsters hiding amongst us.

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I absolutely love how clearly the first 3 posts illustrate issue. On topic though it really has to be under sound.

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Woah hold on duder, you'll get poop particles all over your Switch!

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Yeah I played it and it was amazing. I actually thought the whole 'tell your friends' bit was hilarious, especially given how the story in that game ends up going. I mean yeah, it's cheesy and sounds shilly but it's not out of place at all. Overall, I'd say it's a game with an amazing core mechanic wrapped up in a whole bunch of style. It's also a lot more challenging than I thought it would be, especially on Endless.