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My personal favourites.

These are in no order.

List items

  • The characters, story, humor, settings, gameplay...everything basically is good. Controls were a bit iffy, but who cared. I sure didn't.

  • This game I come back and play annually. The story is fantastic and even with questionable voice acting, I grew to love the group. Yes, even Tidus damnit.

  • Yeah, adventure games are incredible and so is this one. The music is top notch also.

  • For nostalgic purposes mostly.

  • :D.

    That is all.

  • Ah, the storybook atmosphere! I was annoyed with the combat..but I got over it. This is a game where I got through thr frustrations and in the end, learned to love it's flaws. I find a lot of games are like that.

  • Never beat it, but I would just go around doing random things. I loved that. Plus the world was a great place to....wanna live in....

  • Again, another game to lose yourself in.

  • Atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere. I love being creeped out and this was a love fest of creepy moments. The twist and the philosophy behind it was an incredible brain-mixer.

  • It took me several attempts to get the balls to actually play through this sucker. I got over it at the Island and loved this game ever since. Amazing piece of junk here. (junk as in good things.)

  • Yep, just another nostalgia game for me. Another game where I learned to like it's short-comings.

  • mmmmmm....Orwellianism......if that's a word.