MVS (Most Valuable Shooters)

This was originally one of my lists, but I made it a blog post as well. It just had a lot of information so it deserved a spot on my blog.

This list is for all of those shooters that are simply different. When you see a gameplay video, you say "oh that's a (insert franchise here) game". The reason for this is because each of these games took something and made it better, perfected something, or invented something new and different. Here we go:

1. Halo

Halo is a franchise that never seems to die or get old until years later. Even so, more people play this shooter, for longer, than any other shooter on the Xbox 360 console. There is a reason for this. The game feels fair. There is a certain balance that this game has achieved with its latest installment that no other game has matched yet. Every weapon, vehicle, and piece of equipment feels powerful yet can all be overcome in many ways. Player skill is relied on more so than luck making this game not so user-friendly, but definitely satisfying, enjoyable, and competitive.

2. Rainbow Six

Rainbow six has recently elevated its status from strategy niche to accessible and strategic. I can now play this game all the time, but that doesn't mean the game sacrifices its roots. The game is still tactical and rewarding in ways that other shooters are not. Not only this, but it has one of the most well-implemented rewards systems ever created in Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

3. Counter-Strike

I can never put my finger on what makes Counter-Strike so dang addicting and fun. It's that game that I can come back to anytime and leave the computer about 3-5 hours later...minimum.

4. Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead is another Classic Valve series in progress. Cooperative gameplay (as Valve has discovered recently) never gets old. Well, that is until you have memorized all of the enemy locations, spawns, and map layouts. For this problem, Valve has created an "A.I. Director" that creates new enemy locations, spawns, and map layouts so that the gameplay is fresh almost every time. Brilliant!

5. Killzone

Killzone...well...KIllzone 2 in particular has done something truly amazing in my book. From the moment I saw the gameplay I was captivated. I was in some sort of trance that I was not able to distinguish until just recently. Killzone 2 has what other shooters do not and that is: believability. What this means is that when you are playing Killzone 2, you are easily able to believe in all that is happening. The guns have weight, the environment has texture, and the lighting brings life to a game that already has good gameplay. It is not the gameplay;however, that sets Killzone 2 apart, but everything surrounding it and enhancing it.