E3 2011 Most Anticipated Games

Another year of E3 has come and gone, and as I have matured as a gamer, I feel my expectations for what E3 is and the content that comes out of it has been adjusted accordingly.  I understand that, for better or worse, E3 is about business.  It's not about always showing off the most interesting, most  revolutionary, or most "worthy of praise" games.  It's about moving product and showing investors something worthy of investing in, no matter how unattractive that might look to most "core" gamers. 
Regardless, there were games.  Or perhaps I should say, "THERE WERE GAMES!", because there's a lot to be excited about in the next two years.  There may not have been a ton of surprises, but this overall, I can say a majority of things I saw were exciting in some way.  Here's a top 15 list of my most anticipated games from E3.

List items

  • Two years in a row Assassin's Creed has JUST fallen shy of my Game of the Year. Although Revelations certainly doesn't look like anything we haven't seen before, I'm not ready to deny it it's rightful place as game of 2011. This is Assassin's Creed's title to lose...

  • I played Prey 1, and although I didn't LOVE it, it was a decent shooter with really intriguing concepts. That conceptual universe returns in Prey 2, while just about nothing else does. But tag "Blade Runner-like" onto any game and you've got my interest. I'm ready for some intergalactic bounty hunter.

  • More Arkham Asylum sounds good to me. Add on Catwoman and tons of new moves to experiment with and there's nowhere to go but up in Arkham City.

  • Oblivion + Fighting Dragons. 'Nuff said.

  • Graphically, no game beats Battlefield 3. Gameplay-wise, Battlefield has always been solid. Though it suffers from the fact that the military-shooter genre is becoming quickly stagnant, Battlefield 3 should be the most solid out of the incoming brood.

  • Bioshock isn't my favorite series, but I can't deny their penchant for world building and cool game mechanics. Infinite looks no different. I'm still skeptical at how much I'll enjoy playing this game, so only time will tell. Right now, consider me excited.

  • The DS gets one last hurrah in the form of a new Kirby game. This is yet another big experiment with the series, but it's track record and the fact that I'm reluctant to let last gen's handhelds go means that Kirby Mass Attack easily makes my list.

  • A remake, yes, but a remake of one of my favorite games of all time. Star Fox 64 3D is the game that's essentially selling me on the system, so sufficed to say I'm ready to "DO A BARREL ROLL" when this game arrives.

  • JAPAN! I'm still not quite sure what Asura's Wrath is or how it'll play. Maybe that's why I find it so intriguing.

  • I was less than happy about the most recent Capcom crossover game, but Street Fighter X Tekken definitely looks more my speed. Plus, King in a game with Street Fighter mechanics? I'll be dropping running powerbombs ALL DAY.

  • An opportunity to play two MGS games I've never played PLUS being able to play my favorite in the series all over again? Yes, please.

  • I really liked parts of Far Cry 2. I really hated other parts of Far Cry 2. What they DID show of Far Cry 3 at E3 was enough to at least get me to give the series another chance. Hopefully I'll find more to love this go round.

  • My favorite Metal Gear Solid in the palm of my hand with no need to Transfarr. Sure, I'm skeptical how it'll play, but darn it if I'm not going to play the heck out of Snake Eater 3D. It's one of those fanboy games that gets a free pass into the top 15.

  • I'm interested in a Tomb Raider game for the first time in my life. I think that says it all for Lara Croft's latest.

  • I will play Mass Effect 3. I will love Mass Effect 3. This means that it really barely made my list because E3 really didn't effect my impression of the game. Omni-blades will be sharpened for when this comes out in 2012.