The Deep Flaws of Duels of the Planeswalkers

According to Steam I've played Magic: The Gathering, Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 for about 30 hours. That's a long time to play something you hate, I admit. I had forgotten how much I loved Magic until the original DotP reminded me, but the original game had a huge flaw, in that it removed one of the most important parts of Magic: deck building. Yes, I know why they did it. They didn't want the really advanced people to use all the cards at their disposal to build some kind of super deck. What kind of nanny state garbage is that? They couldn't include a multiplayer mode for constructed decks versus the boxed decks? Magic is such a well-designed game that DotP is a ton of fun regardless of the stupid limitations, but if you've played the real card game  you'll be screaming in frustration at the designers' decision to only include half the damned game. Stainless Games did include one compromise in this version: the ability to add and remove SPECIFIC CARDS to and from your deck, i.e. a sideboard. While it's a nice gesture it's not nearly the same as giving smart players access to the full range of cards they unlock. Ugh. I'd rather play a legit version of MTG on my computer right now, but I'm going to load up Deus Ex: Human Revolution out of spite.