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  • Truely one of the greatest xbox 360 created. Totally ignored by most console owners because of the vibrant colors and cute characters. This proves most console owners are idiots

  • A brilliant Sci-Fi RPG from the fine folks at Bioware. No other game has immersed the player in such a deep, interesting universe with diverse and colorful characters and a believable history. This game can truly make the player feel like what they do affects peoples lives and worlds as they are forced to choose between what is right and what is necessary. All this would be for nothing if it wasn't for the stunning graphics that really bring this game to life, the slight texture pop in problems easily overlooked by all but the most fussy gamer.

  • In my opinion this is the best First Person Shooter ever made, bar none. Infinity Ward perfectly capture the chaos and intensity of the modern battlefield in the single player game while also delivering an outstanding multi player environment with map design and weapon balance unmatched in the FPS genre.

  • Tom Clancy's EndWar is the game I've been waiting for since Ground Control. A game that combines stunning graphics, easy controls and persistent squads in a near future universe. Those worrying about the controls can stop worrying right now, after about 30 minutes of time to get used getting used to the voice commands you'll be hooked. The voice recognition is nearly perfect even understanding your commands in a noisy room with a dodgy fake Russian accent. Each unit seems balanced well with each unit having distinct strengths and weaknesses and apparently over 90 upgrades per unit (we'll see about that).

    Forget Halo Wars. Play a real RTS.