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Wish List 08

A collection of the most interesting game coming out just before Christmas 08. This could get very long.

List items

  • Gears 1 but better, more weapons and better graphics while keeping the awesome gears gameplay makes this worth a purchase to me. The addition of Horde mode make this sound even better.

  • A huge open world in a pretty unexplored territory as far as video games go. The addition of a powerful map maker only increases my interests in this game.

  • A cooperative shooter, zombie survival game! Why the hell has it taken so long for somebody to make one of these? I'm a bit worried how much replay value it will contain but the only way to find out is to play it huh

  • Its been a long time since I've played a Resident Evil game and this one looks like the one to get me back on board with the series. Very excited for the new coop mode also.

  • Ok this is basically an Alien rip-off but that definitely doesn't make it any less interesting. The last decent horror game I played was Condemned, I pray this game is a s creepy as that game proved to be.

  • An Elder Scrolls game fucked a Fallout game and this little number popped out. I'm hoping it keeps the best of both series' and at the very least reduces some of the flaws present.

  • If Fable 2 is everything its supposed to be it should give dozens of hours of enjoyment. The multiple paths and hero morphing make it very interesting for multiple play-throughs.

  • The beta for this game elevated it from a rental to a purchase, its basically a mod for Call of Duty 4's multiplayer. It's not quite up to the quality of CoD4 but its still pretty good.

  • This is currently my most anticipated game for 2008, the controls work fantastically well and the gameplay itself is very interesting when compared to a lot of recent RTS games.

  • More Portal? Sure, sign me up!

  • This game looks very interesting in that I consider it a first person 3D version of N . Entirely skill based platformer emphasizing skillful aerobatics and evading enemies.