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Starcraft Review 0

This truly is a masterpiece. The artwork and the graphics are beautiful for such an old game (10 years at the time of writing!). I recently picked this up because a friend recommended it and it was a fantastic recommendation. For a mere $20 I got both Starcraft and the expansion plus both guide books. The online play is fun and addictive with amazing longevity due to it being free, easy to use and includes a very good map editor/maker (which the community has really got into). Most of the games ...

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Just Cause 1

Does running around blowing things up, riding helicopters, jumping from car to car and parachuting from jets in a 10000 km squared tropical island sound good to you? Well, then this is the game for you. It does lack a serious, long story and is flawed, but is still fun in many ways. Let me start with the story. The setting is great; a tropical island ruled by a political tyrant. But once you actually get into the story it isn't so fun with a boring script, an unlikable main character and pretty ...

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