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@shaanyboi Very well said; thanks for posting. Dovetails nicely with what Jeff said on the Bombcast about the site maintainer being derelict in his responsibility to the community, not the other way around.

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Just saw Vinny's tweet about this and tried it out myself. This is awesome. I'm gonna keep practicing so I have this down for the next game that comes along with such a puzzle. (Also like your final note there.)

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    The actor who's voicing the detective here seems to be the same actor who voiced the detective in Lucius II, which instantly sends the video to a very strange place for me.

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    Re: Phenomena: I can't recall which edition it was (probably the First Fear PS rerelease or maybe the Wonderswan version), but one version of Clock Tower came with a survey card that would enter you in a drawing to win a VHS copy of Phenomena. (Also, the antagonist in Phenomena uses a spear to kill ,and one version of the first stage to the Playstation sequel to Clock Tower can bring you across a body impaled by a weapon that looks very similar to that spear.)

    (Also: re: Exorcist III: That hallway scene is so excellent. I'll put in a word for the uncut version of it, which does a terrific job of building tension, though the version usually linked might be better if you're just looking for the money shot. Exorcist III in general is actually worth a watch, if you've been scared away from Exorcist sequels by...well, every other Exorcist sequel. It doesn't follow tonally from the original Exorcist at all (which, despite all the pea-soup stuff etc., contains a great deal of quiet material about Karras losing his faith); it's better viewed as a gonzo "What If?" than a True Sequel. It has some really terrific horror moments, though, and isn't a bad story overall. Plus, it has this dream sequence set in heaven with a couple "WHAT???" cameos that are hilarious in retrospect - though really not out of place overall, since the whole thing's meant to be hallucinatory.)

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    I haven't read all the comments yet, but before the thread gets locked, I just wanted to thank Jeff and the others for this straightforward take on the issue. I appreciate your support for those being targeted and for gaming being a place where everyone feels comfortable.