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Addictive, simply awesome, but it looks a little bland. 0

  Since originally hearing about shadow complex my interest was piqued, this was through hearing the game to be reminiscent of classic platforming displayed by the earlier metroid games, this is represented in Shadow Complex’s progressive upgrade system and the similar 2D sidescrolling action, however Shadow complex takes this 2D sidescolling and adds in several 3D elements, all of this creating a very pleasant, if a little rough, gameplay experience. Shadow Complex, is partly developed...

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Trine: A charm filled physics based game. 9

Trine is a 2D sidescroling game, based on physics and uses a system reminiscent of Lost Vikings, but with a dash of little big planet.Trine's story is one that is fairly simple, although it's not detrimental to the game, as the main focus is gameplay, the main game mechanic here is the game's name, "Trine", it's an artifact which binds people into one being with the ability to change into any of those that have been bound, the unfortunate ones who have fell into the mystical artifacts charm are ...

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Good game slow start. 0

Mass EffectReview.Admittedly within the spam section I did say it was a little boring, but having been reduced to having nothing else to play, it was either that or boredom.So I played that, got past all the intro, which is very slow to start but it's a nice introduction to get people knowing the game. The game's set in space, and earth colonising several galaxies, and some people think they're going to dominate space, so are trying to change this, that's the main part of the story line I've com...

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