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Catch 22, Assassing Creed 2... (Spoilers)

Well, last month I found myself fighting my way through AC2 to get to the ending in which I hear everyone talk about and eventually, well... I had to give up. I really wanted to see the cool ending and I absolutely love all of the story elements in that game, but i found the actual gameplay to be troublesome. I know there are many of you out there who love the gameplay and stealth action but its not for me, and this really bugs me because of how much I enjoy the story. But anyways, I had to give up and I moved on to other, more suitable games (Dragon Age, Uncharted, etc.). Well, i finally got sick of it and wanted to figure out the story, so I did the evil thing and read a plot summary... well now I want to play ac2! I mean aliens! holy crap! 
So i guess my question you guys out there has the ever been a game that upon spoiling it, you actually wished you had played it?