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Best of 2009

Inf225: Best of 2009

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  • Its everything I've ever wanted out of an mmo, bit in a much more controlled, reachable, and most importantly fun fashion. And no LFG messages or rage quitting in sight!

  • By far the most fun i've had all year. Turning enemies into monkeys and then forcing them to dance to future disco is just classic.

  • Its the (almost) perfect mix of my two favorite genres (shootin and lootin).

  • There's no better feeling than jumping off a building and stabbing two fools with hidden blades. Also Leo Da Vinci. Nuff said...

  • This game is perfect for satisfying my gaming obsessive compulsion. I don't think I actually needed all of the missile packs, but dammit, how could I live with myself if I didn't get all of them?

  • Great Characters, Incredible Story, Fun Gameplay... and the graphics! holy crap!

  • It's the abusive boyfriend of gaming. No matter how many times I die have to get my body back or lose all my souls, I find myself craving this excellent challenge again and again.

  • I may never be good enough to prestige 25000 times, or beat the game of Veteran with my eyes shut, But its still the smoothest and most satisfying shooter of the year.

  • Its a sim driving game that I can actually play!

  • You can say what you will about the strategy gameplay. This game has some of the best style of any game this year. Plus, the pseudo-RTS gameplay actually stuck with me.