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Inf225: Best of 2010

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  • Games need a showpiece. A game to show naysayers and deniers to prove the validity of the medium. This is it. This game revolutionized storytelling, rpgs, and games in general. This is our citizen kane, our beatles, this game is video games, all of it.

  • When it comes to storytelling, Rockstar does it best. And this game is easily their best work. When i picked this game up, I didn't know what to expect, and when i finished I was just shocked. The way this game handles every bit of storytelling is so new and fresh in this medium. Also, the gameplay is pretty good too!

  • Super Meat Boy made me a better person. Really. This game taught me that success is always one step away and that no matter how impossible something seems, it can be done. I love this game, I love the style, I love the music, I love every frustration filled play session, i just, love it!

  • Everything about this game is so perfect. The great storytelling, variety of mission types, the multiplayer. I just wish i had more time to play it. Starcraft is a very specific game that is unlike any other and I love it for that.

  • This game may turn off some people, with its fairly hardcore design compared to Fallout 3, or the horribly glitchy engine. But this game brings out the true gamer in me. The obsessive compulsive, min-maxing, guide reading gamer that I have always been. Open world RPGs are my games, and this one is the best of its kind. It really too bad it was so riddled with bugs, or it would probably be my number 1.

  • I'm not gonna lie, I love Halo. I love the style, the shooting, the multiplayer, its all just so much fun! Reach really game me what I've always wanted in a halo game, and more! The fun campaign, the addictive firefight mode, but more importantly, a multiplayer that's fun, actually fun, and I hate playing games with people.

  • Everything in VVVVVV is just so lovable! The retro art style, the trippy soundtrack, the frustrating but rewarding difficulty, its all great. This game isn't a one trick pony either, it consistently adds new mechanics as soon as you think you've mastered the game, and its got an escort mission, and its not bad!

  • I was a bit of a rock band nut back in 08. I played so many hours and got pretty good at the game. I sorta fell off the bandwagon after that, but with the introduction of keys, I'm back in, HARD! This game also sports the best music game soundtrack ever (Whip It, Rock Lobster, Roundabout, etc). I just wish there were more key supported songs to download.

  • Mario never dissapoints, the style, level design, and challenge is enough that ill be playing this game for a while. The original designs for every world and the mind bending gravity mechanics keep me smiling for hours.

  • I have to give Blizzard some credit, they managed to hook me back into a game that I played so much that vowed to never play it again. The complete re-haul of the old world is brilliant! Easily one of my most played games this year, and its only been out 3 weeks. Unhealthy yes, but that's wow!