Best of 2013

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  • Perfect.

  • While this game doesn't have the characters or story of side story Persona 4. Its got better battles, denser RPG mechanics, and its still managed to suck over 100 hours out of me this year. A triumph of a JRPG.

  • This is the GTA game I have been waiting for! The non-stop craziness of San Andreas, the wide open spaces of Red Dead, and the urban density of GTA4. This game is definitely the pinnacle of open world games this console generation.

  • I went into Infinite with fairly high expectations, and while it doesn't reach the same heights as the original Bioshock, it sure as hell is a great experience from start to finish!

  • (Console release). Diablo 3 on PC was a disappointment: bad balance, iffy online, and the endgame was a complete mess! But the console release address all of these problems with force! The PS3 version was, by far, my most played game this year.

  • Easily my favorite Mario game, like... ever. Every level feels like a new adventure, and once the challenge kicks in about half way through, I couldn't put it down!

  • After last years so-so release, I didn't expect Ubisoft to turn the series around so fast, but as soon as I set foot on my own ship, listening to my crew spout off sea shanties, I knew this game would be a delight!

  • 2d platforming at its best! Challenging, but rarely frustrating, continuously rewarding, and surprising up until the very end!

  • Fruit, friends, and fun! New Leaf is a great relaxed gaming experience that's hard to find these days, and one that absorbed many hours of my time this year!

  • So many rogue-like-likes have been released in the last 18 months that the term itself feels old and washed out. But the best recent release of the type has to go to rogue legacy. Fun, fresh, and ultimately rewarding, its the best that indie rogue-likes have to offer!