Best of 2014

List items

  • It's taken Blizzard a while, but they've really turned Diablo III around. It was a mess of a game in 2012, and somewhat promising on consoles last year. But this year has been amazing for Diablo. The addition of the adventure mode makes playing this game always new and exciting, and the new loot system makes you feel like that game-changing drop is just around the corner. Plus, the PS4 version of this game is practically perfect, with superb performance and controls better than the PC, its easily my most played game this year, and will probably be one of my most played next year!

    Favorite Moment: Getting the Witching Hour. Its one of the rarest items in the game, and I've been hunting for it since March, and finally getting one this October was so exciting, I literally jumped out of my chair and danced around!

  • This is the Dragon Age sequel I never expected to get. Its bigger, better, and more exciting even than the first! And the mix between the first two games combat finds a way to make this the most fun Bioware combat yet! There is just so many quality content in this game too, it feel like around every corner, something exiting could happen! And it has some of the best fan-service I have ever seen!

    Favorite Moment: Killing my first dragon. Enough said, really!

  • Dark Souls II had a lot to live up to, and while it isn't as amazing as the first game, it definitely stood out as one of my favorite games this year. Its still a Souls game, and the adjusted difficulty made it a much more approachable experience. But it still was just as maddening, frustrating, and rewarding as the first.

    Favorite Moment: Solo-ing the Smelter Demon. He's easily the game's hardest boss. And finally taking him down alone on my third playthrough was the most accomplished I have felt all year!

  • I will probably play this game forever. There is so much content, and there are so many things to unlock. And the randomness makes this game feel new and fresh with every run. Plus, the improved framerate and control make laying this game feel smooth and responsive in a way that few games do!

    Favorite Moment: A totally overpowered run. Being so tough that even bosses die practically instantly is so much fun, every time!

  • Modor is probably my favorite open world game of the last few years, and its all because of its restraint. This game has just the right amount of side content to make it all feel worthwhile. And the nemesis system is kinda amazing!

    Favorite Moment: My First Warchief Kill. Those dudes are hard, and exploiting their weaknesses to rip them to shred is incredibly cathartic.

  • Destiny is an incredibly flawed game, but the core of the gameplay is about as solid as any game I've experienced. Shooting in this game just feels perfect, and the game is absolutely gorgeous! Plus, I have a soft spot for MMOs and loot grinds so a lot of the tedium was at least somewhat enjoyable for me.

    Favorite Moment: My First Strike. Taking down a huge boss after a 20 minute battle with random strangers was really rewarding!

  • Transistor is the kind of game that could get away with just its style, but it also has incredible substance. Much like Bastion, this game does what it intends to do perfectly, and its so much fun, I played it a second time immediately after beating it!

    Favorite Moment: Being inside the Spine. The subtle heartbeat, lack of music, and the horrifying art design made this moment unforgettable.

  • Advance Warfare is easily the best Call of Duty has been since Modern Warfare 2. And I don't think I have ever been this addicted to its multiplayer before. The speed of unlocks and the increase in mobility really make this game stand above all other multiplayer shooters I've played in a long time.

    Favorite Moment: Getting an epic version of my favorite weapon. Its so exciting to see the unique design and special features included in these rare drops!

  • I never would have thought I'd put a Smash Bros. game of a top 10 list, ever. But this game's incredible design and insane fan service overcomes many of my issues with the series, and it sports a ridiculous amount of content. There's so many modes, and a lot of good single player options. Plus, I'll probably be filling out that challenge board for the next 6 months at least!

    Favorite Moment: Playing 8 player smash for the first time. The chaos of that many fighters on screen is absolutely exhilarating!

  • Shovel Knight captures both the feel and the nostalgia of old 8-bit classics like Mega Man and Duck Tales, while also still managing to feel surprisingly modern. Definitely some of the most pure fun I had this year. And this game a decent amount of side content and collectibles, which I always enjoy!

    Favorite Moment: The Boss Rush. Fighting those 8 amazing bosses all in a row was really satisfying and exciting!