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Hosting the Underworld Part 3 of 3 Heaven’s Guests

A Japanese Dream Cast for Supergaint’s Hades

(Myth is generally spoiler prove, but I’m putting a warning for it here anyway.)

One cannot write down the word for “myth” without the word for “god” where I reside. Myth, for the people here, means gods’ stories. As Supergiant’s Hades shows, those stories are not just created by mortals in order to understand the unknown around them, gods also tell each other such fabricated stories to avoid hustles they don’t want to go through. Guess the only way this trilogy can end is to introduce those deities.

1. “Sean Bean” with a beard

Sho Hayami as Zeus

The general idea here is that the Big Three on Olympus are voiced by the 3 Gravitas Incarnate Japanese voice actors respectively. With Akio “Keith David sound like” Otsuka as Hades out of the way, here are 2 gentleman who sound like Sean Bean. The one here named Sho Hayami whose voice got an addition layer of cream like smoothness, thus he shall voice the Thunder God Zeus, who has cream like hair in this game.

Otsuka, Hayami and Nakata next in a row were all cast members of Fate Zero, the novel turned anime aired in 2011 to 2012. Hayami and Nakata shared several scenes together while Otsuka’s Alexander barely crosses path with those 2. Hearing Otsuka and Hayami calling each other brothers while their drawn characters shaking hands is a show yours truly would pay for.

2. “Sean Bean” with a goatee

Joji Nakata as Poseidon

If Soujiro Sakura in Persona 5 has been a party member, his appearance in the games’ Palaces would have looked awful lot like Poseidon in Supergiant’s Hades. With a trident being his melee weapon as the cherry on top. You can see for yourself.

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Just some suggestions for the future modders of Persona 5 Royal on PC. A Zagerus died to get the second picture through, by the way. Got killed by that asshat Thesus for those who wants to know.
Just some suggestions for the future modders of Persona 5 Royal on PC. A Zagerus died to get the second picture through, by the way. Got killed by that asshat Thesus for those who wants to know.

For the third gravitas incarnate on list, I present to you the voice behind Soujiro in Persona 5, Joji Nakata. One cannot say they got Type-Moon brained without mention this elderly gentleman, since he had provided performance of mustache twirling villains, happy go lucky bar waiter and many other vocal performances for the visual novel and gacha developer. Easy going Uncle Poseidon should present no obstacle for the man.

3. The Shield Maiden

Rie Takahashi as Athena

Rie Takahashi is arguably THE star of Fate Grand Order. Just like how King Arthur Pendragon the Saber is seen as the mascot for Fate visual novels, Takahashi’s character Mash Kyrielight the Shielder is the mascot for the gacha JRPG. She calls Roundtable Knight Lancelot “dad” for reasons yours truly have no energy to research for.

Yours truly chose Takahashi for the role of Athena because of her performance as Tsubasa Katsuki in Comic Girls. Katsuki in the 4 panel comic turned anime is a high girl drawing a fantasy comic for boys on the side. She adapts a stoic mannerism partly for the work she did and partly as coping mechanism for being torn between family exception and personal dream. The boyish voice Takahashi used there is pitch perfect for the black Athena in Supergiant’s Hades.

4.The Bloody One

Ryotaro Okiayu as Ares

Speak of dad, Ryotaro Okiayu had been voicing Type-Moon’s Lancelot since 2011 in Fate Zero anime. In summer 2017, Okiayu had somewhat interesting output on Netflix: he did the Japanese dub for Trevor Belmont in Netflix’s Castlevania; at the same time, he played Vlad the Third, the Romanian warlord desperate to disassociate himself from the Dracula myth and ultimately failed in Fate Apocrypha.He might be more fitting to play vampires than vampire hunters, since he was Alucard in Castlevania Symphony of the Night and collaborated with Hideo Kojima once as he played Vamp in Metal Gear Solid 2 but not in 4.

Okiayu almost played Ares in another Netflix show. Saint Seiya has a spinoff titled Santeia Sho, in which OKiayu’s character, Grand Master of Athena’s Saints, was revealed to be Ares walking on earth. It’s presented as the first season finale cliffhanger in the animated adaption but with the show being on hiatus so long that it’s practically canceled, nothing came. Maybe Okiayu can play the blood thirsty war god somewhere else like in Supergiant’s Hades.

5. Huntress X Huntress

Saori Hayami as Artemis

Saori Hayami, not relation to aforementioned Sho Hayami, is THE co-star of Makoto Furukawa in Fate Apocrypha. Furukawa’s young Achilles is almost inseparable from the blessed by Artemis huntress Atalanta, played by Ms. Hayami. Their subplot plays out like an archetypal ancient Greek tragedy as well.

Saori Hayami has a pitch perfect husky voice like the one Jamie Landrum did for Supergiant’s Hades as Artemis. That is very much the long and short of it.

6. Embracer with Pink hair

Rumi Okubo as Aphorodite

Introducing Alfoso reimagined by artists over at Type-Moon. Can you tell their gender?

If you think this is a pretty boy in drag, then the last century had done number on your mind like it did to the rest of us. Mini skirts and stockings were part of gentleman fashion until Flapper Girls adapted them in the last Roaring Twenty, 1920s that is.
If you think this is a pretty boy in drag, then the last century had done number on your mind like it did to the rest of us. Mini skirts and stockings were part of gentleman fashion until Flapper Girls adapted them in the last Roaring Twenty, 1920s that is.

This person with pink hair practically hugs anyone that strikes their fancy in Fate Apocrypha, not unlike how easily Aphorodite can fall in love in Greek myth. Rumi Okubo pulled her signature metrosexual voice in Fate Apocrypha. Then between August to September 2022, she played Sharon the sexy ass-kicking nun in a mobile game teasing trashy show titled Engage Kiss. Okubu’s performance lays more into the realm of femininity and seducing, all the more fitting for the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty.

7.The Running Man

Koki Uchiyama as Hermes

Koki Uchiyama played Shiro in Fate Apocrypha, as the villain for the second half of that story. Uchiyama had since adopted a cool to the point of chilling mannerism in most of his voice acting, makes one think he might be dubbing a Bond villain in the future.

Yours truly choose Uchiyama for the message delivering Olympian for the following 2 characters he played. First one being Benedict Blue in “Netflix’s” Violet Evergarden. The titular heroine of this show is a writer of letters for a private mail service while Benedict is a post man working for the same mail service. Another being Yoma Hashimoto in Thus Spoke Ronhan Kishibe.

Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe is a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure spin-off where the facade of action comic is dropped and it’s all about telling some horror stories. In a story titled the Run, Yoma Hashimoto is a young man got homicidal obsession of body building and eventually got Hermes’ wing shaped muscle on his body when he run. So, pretty much like aforementioned Saori Hayami, yours truly want someone played a character blessed by a Greek god to play the Greek god themself.

8.Lady Snow Beauty’s video game mom

Atsuko Tanaka as Demeter

It was a shame that Akio Otsuka was mentioned on Jeff Jeff’s Bizarre Adventure while Atsuko Tanaka was not. Given the 2 rose to the fame in the business of voice acting with the same piece of work: 1995’s Ghost in the Shell movie. Otsuka played the relative softy Batoo while Tanaka played relative hardliner Major Mototko Kusanagi.

Yours truly want to hear Tananka and Miyuki “Lady Snow Beauty” Sawarijo playing a mother daughter duo for the following 2 reasons.

First is how they both got done dirty by Type-Moon with the Greek myth characters they played for that dev. Tanaka played Medea since Fate visual novels and she is written as a man-crazy woman without self-awareness. Euripides at least wrote his man-crazy Medea with a heavy dose of self-awareness more than 24 centuries ago. Sawajiro played Artemis in Fate GO and this version of the huntress goddess spends her days chasing after that fuckboy she calls husband, Orion. Guess for a developer who would rather gender bend classic myth character than switch their direction of gal game for boys to Otome game for girls, one cannot except much.

Second is that when it come to dubbing in English video game, Tanaka had played mother figures to Sawajiro’s character twice: first as Bayonetta to Teresa (Yeah, yeah, I know this is a weird one.) in 2014’s Bayonetta Wii U port; less than a year later as Yennifer to Ciri in Witcher 3 the Wild Hunt. Tanaka’s low pitch “cool lady” voice fits Demeter’s “Winter is coming for you, suckers” mannerism like a glove. It’s time for those 2 to play a mother daughter duo actually connected by blood.

9.Came Full Circle

Toru Okawa as Dionysus

The god of bread and wine is not as important to the plot as the goddess of grain is. But since Zagerus is a name taken from Dionysus’ story, yours truly put this Ryan Reynolds looking motherfucker in the end to draw the full circle. I present to you Makoto Furukawa’s Fate Apocrypha co-star Toru Okawa. Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia, Okawa’s character in that story is drunk on wine for most of his time on screen.

Speak of Ryan Reynolds, Okawa and him did played the same character: detective Pikachu. Only Reynolds was in the movie while Okawa was in the 3DS game. So why not let this elderly Japanese gentleman voice Supergiant’s extremely Ryan Reynolds looking Dionysus?

(The End. Thanks for reading.)