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Cyberpunk 2077 meets Final Fantasy VII Remake in a “dating sim” 0

(Played with Japanese text on Switch)I became aware the remake of visual novel Tsukihime in 2012, when the outlines of new designs of characters were shown on the developer Type-Moon’s 10th anniversary book. That same year, CD Projekt Red, fresh off porting Witcher 2 to Xbox 360 then, announced Cyberpunk 2077. While those 2 games were announced way before the Xbox One and PS4 console generation, neither would come out until the successors of those console came out.I read through Tsukihime...

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Mama Bird Returns 0

(Played on launch Switch, Handheld Only, in Japanese text)Metroid Dread is not a game yours truly would recommend over several more modern and cheaper exploration-based side-scrolling action platformers. The newest in the Metroidvania name’s sake series did not take enough lessons from the newer titles in a subgenre its predecessors helped to define. But just like From Soft’s Soulsborne series, there always seems to be something admirable about a game combining old-school tough-but-...

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September free time eater 0

(Played on OneXPlayer Windows gaming tablet through Steam in Japanese, both voice and text.)If Tales of Arise set out to be the dark and gritty reboot of its 26 years old series with the marketing buzzword like “mature”, then it can be regarded a failure. What it did achieve is to attract yours truly, who once swore off Tales Of series, to play through it from start to finish.Tales of Arise has a very refined comic book like story with elements like an established rogue galley of fi...

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NieR, “Replicated” and Improved 0

(Played on PC with a controller in Japanese through Steam)If any of the NieR games got “demade”, the end result would look a lot like Ender Lilies Quietus of the Knights. Marketed as a dark fantasy 2D action RPG, Ender Lilies is a Castlevania-Symphony-of-the-Night-like dipped and soaked in a sorrowful yet soothing vibe. In a year when your truly finally got to play NieR Replicant, it’s actually preferable to play something similar but with more engaging combat.The titular Lily...

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Commando for an emperor-less empire. 0

(Played in English on PC with a controller and OneXPlayer gaming tablet through Steam)Star Wars Battlefront II campaign was marketed as a Star Wars story with genuine imperial point of view. But in the final product, the player character defected to Rebel Alliance before the first third of the story is done. It got me thinking, Mass Effect trilogy’s Commander Shepard is actually quite the uncompromising agent of imperial power, whether he or she is Paragon or otherwise.One can criticize th...

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A Link Among Worlds 0

(Played in English, on PC, with a controller, through Steam)Death’s Door is an isometric action-adventure game very much in the vein of Zelda games such as A Link to the Past and its “direct sequel” A Link Between Worlds. It’s rare for being very balanced between its combat and puzzle while its peers on PC usually lay heavily on either of those 2 aspects. Its music and graphic combined also makes it one hell of charmer. With July of 2021 being surprisingly bountiful, Deat...

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Hands-on road trip through a chill wasteland 0

Post apocalypse fiction comes in different shapes and sizes and recently it seems like chill rather thrill wasteland became a thing. 2017 gave us the animated adaption of manga Girls’ Last Tour. It is about 2 girls’ journey through a war torn wasteland yet it’s more delightful than it sounds given the lack of gruesome danger they would have encountered in any other wastelands. 2018 gave us a cinematic platformer without combat titled Far: Lone Sails.In Far, you play a child, li...

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Laid-back road trip 0

(Played on OneXPlayer Windows gaming tablet through Steam in English)The Steam Deck might have appeared as the first handheld device that runs Steam games, but as this PC Gamer article point out, there are at least 3 Windows gaming tablets allow us to take Steam games on the go. Personally, I think such devices would benefit Kinetic visual novels exclusive to Steam a lot. I cannot see myself reading through the base story of Highway Blossoms without owning one of those tablets anyway.Highway Bl...

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Only if… 0

(Played as part of the Chronicle of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena on PC through GOG with a controller. Last hour or so viewed online as a result of save data corruption.)Playing the Chronicle of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay more than a decade after its release is a baffling journey full of “only ifs”: only if there is a manual save feature; if only Riddick can stealth kill rather than just back stab; only if there are more segments for the still robust for today first-person b...

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Live, Kill, Repeat and Repeat 0

(Played on PC through Steam with a controller in Japanese, both text and voice.)(Minor spoilers for both NieR Replicant and NieR Automata)By the time I felt satisfied with playing NieR Replicant Ver. 1.22474487139..., the save file told me that I had put more than 50 hours into it. The first 39 or so of those were spent on reaching the end credits for the first time while completing all the side quests of various quality. The next 8 were spent on playing the game’s home stretch twice and ...

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Quiet Mountains 0

(Played on PC through Steam with controller in Japanese, both text and voice-over)Playing through Death Stranding is not unlike climbing a mountain. It’s a uphill battle at first, with even basic movement being an adversary to player moving more cargo. Then near the mountaintop, with fatigue turned into euphoria, figuratively fresher air and literally better views, the game started to feel magical. Finally, on the downhill trip, the game became all about its not great story and even worse ...

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Good Coda of An Excellent Trilogy 0

(Played on PC through Epic in English with an Xbox One controller)The third and final installments of trilogies are quite uneven in my experience during the last decade of video game. 2011 alone has Gears of War 3 and Uncharted 3, the supposed finality of both undone by their arguably better sequels on new hardware. 2012 sees the flaws of Mass Effect 3 blown out of proportion by its user base. Then, there are 2013’s Dead Space 3, 2015’s Batman Arkham Knight and 2018’s Shadow o...

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identity crisis 0

Id Software is a developer who often let its success go to its head and nothing marks those moments more clearly than DOOM sequels in the 21st century so far. DOOM Eternal proves that even without the 2 Johns id’s personality can be too much for its good. DOOM 3, the first polygonal entry in the series, is id doing an experiment at the expense of most players’ enjoyment.In the end, I found DOOM 3 to be a serviceable and sometimes satisfying FPS experience. But the bumpers on the roa...

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Valuating the Oldest House and fixing its basement 0

(Played with Xbox One gamepad.)The announcement of Control at E3 2018 was the rare moments I felt seen. I was about to finish reading Authority by Jeff Vandermeer back then and Remedy’s new game’s premise sounded awfully a lot like that paranoia inducing New Weird novel. I felt as if the universe was pulling my leg.14 months later, I played the game on Epic Game Launcher and it became my favorite action game of 2019 after 2 long summer months with no good fun high octane action to b...

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Time inconsistency 0

I plan to write a review for the “Game of the year edition” of Control by the time all its DLC has hit the digital shelf. Somehow, it would not be fair to review Control without a look at Remedy’s previous game, Quantum Break. So, I bought and played that game on Steam. What was intended as tipping my toe into the pond soon turned into an Achievement hunt. After 20 hours of play time, I unlocked all 42 Steam Achievements of Quantum Break through 2 full playthroughs and some re...

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Sinful Gear 0

The first time I got my hands on an id Software game was playing Quake III Arena in an Apple store. It was around the time PS2 launched in Japan. Back in those days, Apple stores are showcasing the hardware power of the Mac computers by letting people playing so-called resource intense games on those machines. In that same store, there was also a 3D mascot game starring a purple ladybug, which I did not catch the name of. Those games can be seen as the 2 two polar opposites of the 3D action gam...

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Showbiz Guardians 0

(Game played with Japanese text.)I imported Tokyo Mirage Sessions # FE Wii U bundle from Japan at the tail end of 2015. Not a wise purchase choice by any mean. In terms of the industry, while the Wii U exclusive Super Mario Maker was winning Game of the Year 2015 from at least Giantbomb and Usgamer, it was clear that Nintendo’s struggling console had entered into its twilight year. In terms of personal experience, TMS#FE’s mandated dual screen set-up had always been in the way of me...

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A relic stuck between generations 0

I recently purchased and played two movie games from, Midway’s Stranglehold and Westwood’s Blade Runner. I would have loved to call them a “Good Old Double Feature”, but this first half is not appealing to me at all. Here is my review of John Woo Presents Stranglehold. 2007 was a great year for video game. More importantly, it was a big year for debuts in the sense of “Best Debut”, that Giantbomb Game of the Year category I miss so dearly. Bioshock us...

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Scratch my Mass Effect itch while make me appreciate those Three Houses more. 2

(Reviewed with Shin Sakura Taisen copy released in Japan)During the Autumn of 1996 I as a 6-year-old saw Mighty Morph Power Ranger for the first time. Therefore, I got in touch with a particular type of ensemble cast, combatants in color coded uniforms who would fight for their friendship as hard as they fight against their adversary. Unknown to the boy back then, Japan in that same year witness the birth of a “Power Ranger dating sim” titled Sakura Taisen. To double down on the Powe...

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