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Street Fighter 4 and the bullshit thats EB Games

 (I don't really ever write blogs but this experience with EB Games has seriously pissed me off and tried my patience that I have to vent it somewhere so you dont have to read this!)

  OK so here I go. I pre-ordered SF4 Collectors Edition at this EB Games near me since the summer and a week be4 release I called the EB Games I ordered it at and asked them do I come and pick it up first day. They told me since its Collectors Edition & there's lots of pre-orders for SF4 that I might have to wait a little longer and that I shouldn't bother coming unless they call me (It takes me 2 fucking bus rides and 30 mins to get there).

So on release day I didnt get a call so I assumed my copy did not come in. Then came Tuesday and my copy still didn't come in. Finally on Wednesday I got fed up and called and you what they told me? They told me they got my copy on Monday but forgot to freaking call me so today during the afternoon on Wednesday which is 48 hours after they received the game (Which is the time limit they'd hold a game for u) they sold my copy to some random person. I got infuriated and complained and they told me they apologize for forgetting to call me and told they'd order a new copy. I asked them ok then but do I still get a headband and the guy just answered No sorry if u came on Monday u would have gotten one. I was just speechless at what he told me. So he told me once again there gonna order me a new copy and it should come on next Monday and that I wouldn't bother calling cause they'll for sure call me.

All of next week I didn't get a single call. I literally called them everyday since Monday that week and asked to make sure and on Friday lol I think they got tired of me calling so the person told me to please stop calling them and that when the game does come in they'll for sure inform me about it.

So today's Tuesday my mom was kind enough to drive me there to see if they had it and you know what happened!? They told me that on Monday they got my copy and called me during noon at around 12. 12!? You gotta be kidding me they thought me a High School student would be home at 12 on a school day? Anyways they even SAID they heard my answering machine but they did not leave a message for some retarded reason. So they put my newly shipped copy on sale on Tuesday and was once again bought by some random person. When I asked him why did he do that don't ordered games get a 48 hour limit be4 being put on sale to random consumer and he told me that its only for actual pre-ordered games and mine was just a shipment. He told me tough luck its not their fault I didn't call on Monday, and then tried to sell me the normal copies of SF4 by saying We still have copies of the Regular Editions if you want those! I just say No thank you and left.

Anyways thats all I got over the angry swearing under my breath phase now and am just in angry pouting mode.
Happened to me a while ago but the mere memory of it still ticks me off!