Blur Beetah: Initial Impressions.

The Blur beta came out today and the first thing I noticed about it is that it is called the "Blur Beta Multiplayer Demo." I guess this just further proves that most betas are demos just as much as they are betas, but I'm not complaining one bit. They need to promote the game somehow after all and get it into as many peoples hands as possible. Anyway, on to the actual game and gameplay.  At first it may appear that Blur is nothing but a kart with power ups, but with regular cars. That is somewhat true, but using actual cars instead of Karts makes the vehicles control very differently.  
Another thing that sets Blur apart is that you can modify your car once you achieve level 3. Think of these as perks, but for your car. These can do anything from give you a random power up at the start of the race to giving your crashes into other players do more damage. This breathes a fresh air into the racing genre. In order to level up and earn new mods and cars you can complete challenges that earn you fans which is basically experience. Challenges can make you work toward certain goals throughout the race.
The actual racing in blur is in the style of arcade racers. You definitely get a sense of speed as you race which is a good thing. Along the track in the race are power ups you can collect and use at any time. You can store 3 power ups at one time and switch between them while you race using which ever one you need in your current situation.  These power ups can range from a homing missile, a repair kit to repair your vehicle, to a proximity mine. Some of these power ups can be fired forward backward or  forward, so if a guy is directly behind you and you and you have a homing missile, he's about to have a bad day. 

 One of the power ups in action.
 One of the power ups in action.

 There is indeed motion blur in Blur.
 There is indeed motion blur in Blur.

The game controls very well as a racer although drifting is very more difficult than in games such as Burnout and the game looks great on an HDTV. Overall the Blur beta multiplayer demo has left a good impression from me so far and I will probably play more in the coming days to discover what other mods there are. What do those of you luck enough to participate think of the Blur beetah so far?

So this was supposed to be Sonics 3D debut?

I'm sure as hell glad that this didn't come out and that they did wait for Sonic Adventure. Here, take a look:

There seem to be some interesting concepts there, but overall it just looks like it would play weird. Plus what kind of a name is Sonic Xtreme anyway? What does Giant Bomb think of this game that could have been?

A women so crazy that Fox news thinks she's insane.


First of all I don't have a problem with people believing in whatever religion they want to, but they should not use it to promote stupid shit like this it kind of makes me sick. I do love the way the Fox dudes treat her though, but I swear, if she says "obey" one more damn time, I will find her and rip out her vocal cords so she can't spout bullshit like this ever again. It's kind of funny though that people this insane actually exist, but I guess it just comes down to how you were raised.

Still living in the past....

I don't think I'll pick up a new game any time soon. I still need to go back and finish Spirit Tracks, Devil Survivor, Borderlands, and Dragon Quest VIII. While there may be some great games coming out that I am interested in such as Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell conviction, I just wouldn't have the time to play through them.