Update of situation I guess for anyone who cares.

 Not much happened. I apologized to her for being a bit pushy about trying to get her to go with me after she told me about her friend and I should have been more considerate about her plans with said friend. The way I figure it is if that friend isn't real then she'll tell me herself if she feels the need to I won't force her to. It was kind of an uncomfortable atmosphere for the middle part of class after that since I didn't really know what to do after that and she didn't seem to be in a great mood. I tried asking about it at one point, but she didn't want to talk about it. I also said that it wasn't good to bottle things up like that and she said that's the type of person she is. I told her that I would finish the assignment we were given at home and told her to try and have a better day. I think that's about all that happened.