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I'm a man who needs his Strategy

I like, nay LOVE strategy games. Both RTSs and vaster TBSs. I like details in my game (yes, I'm one of those people). I like being able to manage every minutae of my civilization. In Master of Orion 3 I love setting up each planet's industry, and designing star fleets. In Men of War (probably my favourite game franchise) I love running out of ammo with a single individual unit, and then have to laboriously crawl to enemy bodies to loot them. I love managing my cities in CIV 5 to push for more cultural output to take over one single hex with oil on it and therefore deny it to my rivals. And in Total War I love controlling vast armies and setting them up to pull my foe into a pincer movement.

But, there's a problem; I need more.

I want more control and I want it to be fluid. I want more scale, but also want to be able to control the minutest details. What I want is a combination of the best parts of all those games. I think I've said it before, my perfect game would be a combination of MoO3, Men of War, Civilization V, and, perhaps a little surprisingly, The Sims.

I want my game to start with a tiny clan of people, maybe less than a dozen, who may not even be human (I would love a hardcore version of Spore's creature creator). I want to control them at the start, Sims style, where it's not just Select Guy --> Right Click Tree --> Gather Wood, you click your guy get a whole list of option of what exactly you want done with that tree, do you want leaves gathered to create a bed, or camoflouge? Do you want him to climb the tree? Or collect branches for firewood? Or yes, do you want him to knock down the tree and collect wood? Furthermore what is to be done with this wood? I want to control every single goddam aspect of that wood's life in my industry until the shack I built out of it is being levelled 200 years later for heavy industry, and even then I want to control what happens with the refuse. I want to be able to design exactly not just how their first rudimentary huts look, but how they're built. Instead of clicking a box labled 'better huts' and waiting while the technology is researched, I want to rely on myself to figure that shit out.

Like the Sims each person would get better at the task they're assigned to do as they spend time doing it. Furthermore they would be able to teach others how to do that skill better, with bonuses for their offspring (taking over the family business style). I want what kind of personality they have to influence how good each individual is at something. I want the goddam Sims: Pre-historic Tribe up in this shit.

Then, I want scale.

As my population and society grows, the AI begins to take over. Not through random or preset routines, but through specific institutions and social conventions I set up. You know how we have a male dominated society? I wanna be able to make my society like that or not. When a is born into my society, I won't have to control them, because I will have already built into the society social norms and customs. How far do I go with this? To motherfucking space (having figured out how to use the various steel and radio components to manufacture spaceships).

I want to be able to wage intergalactic war one minute, and then smoothly zoom down to a planet and directly control each individual unit. Then fly back to my home planet and control ever single facet of an individual's life there.

I want to be able to take a civilization from tribal to intergalactic conquest and still be able to decide what Harry wants for breakfast.

I want to control, everything.

Rant over.

TL;DR: I'm a goddam meglomaniac and I want a game that let's me be one.


So I'm preparing for a game coma...

This is my last week of shit to do, tomorrow I have my last exam (Contracts, grrr) which I'm currently procrastinating from studying, then on Wednesday and Thursday I have my last two days at work (for some time at least). Currently in the mail is a cpu cooler to allow me to overclock my 920, a new 1TB HDD, a Benq 27 inch screen which I will hook both my PC and ps3 up to (it'll be my first time with more than one monitor for my pc) and finally InFAMOUS 2. 
After all arrives and is set up, my to do list for the next two, maybe three weeks is;
Platinum InFAMOUS 1 maybe.... 
Platinum InFAMOUS 2 
Buy and complete Men of War: Assault Squad (goddam I love this series) 
Finally finish Duke Nukem 3D (15 years later)
Finish Duke Nukem Forever 
Finish Trine 
Try and finish LBP and consider if I want to get the second one 
Finish Fallout 3 
Finish Oblivion 
Maybe finish Morrowind if I'm in the mood 
Clock Mount and Blade: Warband 
maybe finish Metro 2033 (although I'm not really enjoying this as much as I thought I would, but I think I would like the book) 
maybe finish Dragon Age: Origins (although as above, not really enjoying it a whole ton) 
finish Crysis 2 
Maybe try Terraria 
Finish my current project in Minecraft (and probably start another) 
Try and finish Osmos 
and probably try and finish others I've forgotten. Obviously I have a kind of serious backlog...  

So yeah, that's my coma plan, additionally, I will be following the new True Blood season religiously.