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Achievement Bound Now

 I've heard of people being obsessed with there achievements and only being concerned about getting that achievement score higher and higher but I had never been part of that group of individuals. I was more concerned about the quality of the game and the fun I could have with it, if I got some achievements along the way then so be it but I wasn't going to go out of my way to actually get the achievements. But about a month and a half ago someone started to bother me about my achievement score, and since his was upwards of almost 20k he decided to bust me on a daily basis about it. 

So after a good three or four days of this ranting and raving about how he was a "better" gamer then me I finally decided to prove a point quickly and effectively. I raised my gamer score by nearly 25k since that talk and his is still resting at the same. Was I just really good at getting achievements? Maybe to a point. I was determined for the most part, I wouldn't give up on an achievement I knew I could get, even if it took me an extra hour to do it. But the main bread and butter, about 10k of that 25k was from sports games. Old sports games that only had 5-10 achievements and they were so simple they could be done within a game or two, and at two bucks a pop it made them well worth the 1000 points they were banking me. 
Now though since I've proved my point to him that achievement scores really don't' mean crap about you as a gamer I've developed a new annoying issue. I CAN'T STOP. Now all I do when thinking of getting a game is comparing the game length to the achievements it will garner me within a play through or two. If the game has online achievements, like Halo 3, it's out. I don't feel like spending hours upon hours online to get a single achievement. I love video games, but there are very few I actually play online with others. So this stigma I have now has become such a hassle for me because I have started to speed through games that used to take me maybe 3 or 4 days or longer to beat, now I knocked them out within a day and a half. 
Is it really that big of an issue? Maybe not for some but for me it is because I love the story telling of video games, not the great graphics or how well constructed and tight the controls are, I love games for the stories they tell and the emotions they can bring out within you for the game, if you can't tell I love RPGs, especially JRPGs. I really enjoy the Silent Hill franchise but when I picked up Homecoming last week I had beaten it and got 1000/1000 within 8 hours of having the game, which means I went completely achievement oriented and tossed out my usual desire to learn the story of the game and develop rapport with the characters. I'm stuck in this state for who knows how long and it's nice to see my achievement score skyrocket further with each game I play now, as before I went for achievements I averaged maybe 300-350 per game, now I average 800-900 per game which is a massive jump.